Staff introduction vol.13


It is a hundred flower of RICCI EVERYDAY.This time, we will deliver the 13th staff introduction.


I am currently studying abroad at a university in Taiwan and majoring in fashion innovation management. I have been working as an intern since the end of June. Thank you.

The trigger of knowing -Re-

A pop -up was opened at a shop in the neighborhood, and when I first saw the RICCI EVERYDAY product, I looked at the color and pattern of African prints. I remember that when I picked up the product immediately and adjusted to myself in front of the mirror, I felt better.

-Modified to decide to work-

When I wondered what my own fashion was, I realized that I tended to choose clothes that wouldn't be covered with people. I also like the combination of the primary color because it makes me feel brighter. Including RICCI EVERYDAY, I learned about African plints, and if I had a primary color+energy pattern item, I became accented, so I was able to spend a day with confidence. Also, if I had a RICCI EVERYDAY back in Taiwan, I sometimes said, "Like! Cool."

-The business content involved in the future-

I will be involved in overseas expansion centered on Taiwan. I would like to do my best so that more people can know "personality" through RICCI EVERYDAY!

-RE's anxious item-


"Paper bead colorful back"

I made beads with paper and fell in love with the back that was made by combining them. Because it does not have much luggage, it is the perfect size to put your mobile, wallet, earphones and lips.

-My boom-

I love watching soccer. I am interested in the background of each player and is fascinated by soccer. When I lived in Japan, it was a lot of fun to go to the stadium after school or on a holiday to the stadium and watch soccer games in front of me. The heat, vibration, and excitement that I couldn't feel without going to the stadium were really wonderful.

-Message to customers-

From now on, I would like to deliver it with all my heart so that many people overseas can pick up RICCI EVERYDAY products.

Thank you for reading until the end!

The hot days are still going on, but please spend a wonderful summer, wearing African plints!

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