Introduction of the August issue of Akero Box


Hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto, a staff member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL. How are you going?

It was in late July in no time, and in August. Speaking of August, August 26 every year is the RICCI EVERYDAY anniversary! ! RICCI EVERYDAY is celebrating its 6th anniversary this year.

To commemorate this, the theme of the Akero box in the August issue was "RICCI EVERYDAY 6th Anniversary"!
The August issue is also very fulfilling. Then, I will introduce each one!

table of contents
1. "5 + 1 SENSES" RICCI EVERYDAY'S 6th Anniversary Special issue!
2. Kash -nuts
3. Drink
3-1. Coffee
3-2. Herbal tea
4. Calendar card September
5. Monthly gift wall hanging

1. "5 + 1 SENSES" RICCI EVERYDAY'S 6th Anniversary Special issue!

RICCI EVERYDAY original booklet "5 + 1 Senses". This month is "RICCI EVERYDAY'S 6th Anniversary Special Issue!"

In the special issue of the special issue, we will interview six staff members of Uganda Kobo and deliver plenty of contents.

The staff asked questions such as "How do you feel about working in Uganda Kobo in RICCI EVERYDAY? Also, have you changed your personal life and your thoughts?" rice field.

Surprisingly, there were not many scenes of listening to each person's story and telling you about it, so I am happy to tell you through the booklet.

Interestingly, even if you ask the same question, the answer is different. The content of each person is a glimpse, so I hope you can read it carefully.

Please enjoy it!

2. Cashew nuts

Until now, we have been delivering dried fruits, but this time new friends have joined!

Cashew nuts!

We will deliver Tanzania nuts from Baraka Japan.
Cashew nut that does not stop when you start eating. The more you chew, the more you can taste the richness of the richness.

At this time, it is very delicious to eat with alcohol! !
( * If you are a minor, please eat delicious with the juice.)

In addition, I think that it is delicious even if you put the pound cake inside.

Please look forward to the cashew nuts from Tanzania!

3. Drink

You can choose coffee or herbal tea for drinks. There are coffee sets and herbal tea sets, so please choose a set that contains your favorite drink.

3-1. Coffee

This month's coffee is Citrin Caravan's Uganda coffee. The name of the coffee is "Letter from the lake shore".

This coffee is cultivated in the northwestern part of Uganda, and the cultivation land is located at a high altitude. Since the lake can be seen from the coffee field, it is named "Letter from the lake".

Because it is a coffee with low acidity, it is easy to drink even for those who are not good at the unique sourness of coffee.

It is also compatible with the cashew nuts introduced earlier! !

3-2. Hibiscasty

Speaking of summer herbal tea, hibiscus tea. This month, we will deliver hibiscus tea from n -yura konko's herbal tea from Ghana.

Hibiscus tea, which has a sour taste, has plenty of citric acid and can be expected to be effective for recovery from fatigue.

If you drink in this hot heat, will your mood feel refreshed?
It is also recommended to put honey in hibiscus tea. Please do try that out.

4. Calendar card September

Here is the illustration of this calendar card!

If you connect to the illustration of the August calendar card delivered in the July issue, it will be one illustration as shown below.

Does this illustration seem to be camping with your dog?
Some of the illustrations also have items that seem to be RICCI EVERYDAY, so please pay attention!

5. Monthly gift wall hanging

The long -awaited monthly gift! Here is this month! !

In commemoration of the 6th anniversary of RICCI EVERYDAY, we made a wall hanging for the monthly gifts of the Akero Box! !

The Akero Box will deliver the first interior item.

You can easily put in and out frequently used items.

It is a cute wall hanging wherever you decorate, such as a living room or bedroom. Please decorate where you like.

I often play with my cell phone or read books in bed, so I want to put a book, smartphone, charger, glasses, etc. on the wall next to the bed. This will not get up from the bed even more ... (laughs)


How was the Akero Box August issue? The August issue is especially luxurious, so please pay attention!

It will be released from August 1st (Sun). I would be glad if you could enjoy the August issue!

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