Introduction of new dress

hello. This is the day of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Four consecutive holidays have begun. How are you all? Hot days will continue, so don't forget to hydrate and be careful about heat stroke.

By the way, this time, we will introduce the newly arrived clothes, "A -dress" and "Crosti Asade Dress". Both are perfect items for summer! I hope you enjoy each charm.

1. A dress
2. Crosti Dress
3. At the end

1. A dress / 22,000 yen (tax included)

(A dress -Shimenawa-)

A dress is an easy -to -use dress that can be used casually and beautifully.

Removing the ribbon belt will give a spacious silhouette, and you can enjoy fashion with a rough taste when combined with caps, sneakers, sporty sandals, etc.

By marking the waist with a ribbon belt, you can enjoy a beautiful style. The atmosphere changes depending on where the ribbon is tied. It is wonderful to wrap it around your neck, wrap it around your head, and use it like a hair band. It's fun to be able to change according to the mood of the day.♪

In addition, the depth of the V -neck is different before and after, and you can wear it anyway. Just changing the front and rear as shown in the photo will change the impression, so please wear it according to the mood of the day.


(Above: A dress- Tile waves / purple-)

(Bottom: A Dress -Houki Yellow-)

The size is 118.5cm in length x shoulder width 44cm x bust 104cm x waist 91cm. It can be worn as a trendy long dress. The pattern is available in 5 types. I'd love to,New itemPlease see more!


(A dress-- Watch / turquoise-)

(Wearing model 155cm)

2. Crosti Asdo Dress / 22,000 yen (tax included)


(Closty Assed Dress- Tile waves and purple-)

Closty Assed Dress is a dress that can show a healthy skin like summer. There is a switch, so you can enjoy fashion with one piece.

The design crossed behind combines with the charm of African plints, further enhancing the fashion. By adding one item, such as tank tops and T -shirts as shown in the photo, you can enjoy more yourself fashion.


(Above: Closty Eddress -Shimeenawa-)

(Bottom: Closty Assed Dress- Tornado / purple-)

The size is 112cm long x 120cm hem width. The piping width is 0.8cm.


(Wearing model 155cm)

As with A dress, the pattern will be available in five types. By all meansNew itemPlease see from!

3. At the end

How was A dress, Crosti Ad -Dress?

The bright African plint dress will make you feel good both wearing and viewing. We hope you enjoy a unique and wonderful encounter with the selected cloth and one -piece design.

Let's get on the hot summer and wear African plints and get on!

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