Don't you know it surprisingly? What is the charm of a shoe case?

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By the way, this time, it is not surprisingly knownShoe caseIntroducing the charm and usage of "!


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Shougi case / ¥ 3,080 (tax included)

1. What is a shoe case?

2. Product point

3. How to use

Four. Introducing the patterns that are in stock

1. What is a shoe case?

It is an item designed with the image of Fukusa that puts a celebration. The design of Fukusa that the representative Nakamoto's friend had is wonderful,

It is a product that was born, thinking that African plastic lint could make cute Fukusa.

As it is folded, it is 15 cm wide and 22 cm high, so it can be used for various purposes.

It looks like this when you open it.



2. Product point

There are two points in the shoe case!

① Easy to put in and out of things

There are three pockets in all, but two of them have no fasteners such as buttons, so you can quickly put them in and out when you spread them. When using it as a porch, it is recommended to put an IC card, smartphone, and sterilization sheet that are often taken out frequently!



② Pocket with chuck

Although it is easy to put in and out of things, it is uneasy to drop it ... In such a case, please use a pocket with a chuck.☺︎ The zipper is also large, so you can attach a key ring!

3. How to use

Actually, the staff was talking about "How to use a shoe case" lol

So, the other day, the customer told me how the shoe case was used! Thank you to everyone who answered.

This time, I will introduce five uses, including examples of how to use the staff.

[Introduction from customers]

① As a mask case

The non -woven mask can be stored without folding.

In addition, if you put a mouse wash or a mask spray in a pocket with a chuck, you will be able to live a comfortable mask life.


② To organize bags

Some customers use it as a sorting item in the bag so that the pocket comes outward in this way!



It seems that small items such as smartphones and key cases are included. In this way, you can save time to search for a large bag and take it out quickly.

Also, in the current season, if you put it in a clear bag or basket bag, you can see the pattern of the African plint from the outside, and it seems to be a more gorgeous outfit!

③ As a medical item case

I want to keep medical -related items, such as insurance cards, consultation tickets, and medicine notebooks.

In addition, it seems that it can be used as a case where you can put your passbook, seal, receipt, etc. together.

[Introduction from the staff]

④ For storage of small items around the remote work desk



Gadgets that tend to fall apart, such as chargers, USB, earphones, and writing utensils, are also stored cute with African prints. The shoe case is outstanding enough to include a slightly larger charger.✨

⑤ As a sewing set

Are you in such a thin case? It is a shoe case that tends to be thought, but it also comes in crawling!

In addition, because the size is large, all the minimum items required for sewing can be stored.


Four. Introducing the arrived pattern!

The shoe case has arrived at 21:00 today at the online store. It will introduce a part of!

(1) A popular pledgeririan pattern shoeugase. It is a color that can feel the warmth of red.



② This is a pattern with glasses drawn. The combination of colors is interesting.



③ This broom pattern is simple, but if you actually take it, it will be accented and cute!




How was it? If you have any recommended usage other than the column introduced in the column, please let me know on SNS or email! Also, if you have any requests, such as "I'm worried about how to use this product" or "I want to know how much it will enter", please feel free to tell us!

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