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Hello everyone. RICCI EVERYDAY

I'm Hashimoto, the staff directly managed by Daikanyama.

The weather is not stable, but the temperature gradually rises and the smell of summer has come.

I'm not so good in summer, but in recent years I have been liking the sea and rivers, and I know that water sports are suitable for sex, so I want to challenge surfing this summer ... I am thinking. I can imagine myself who is withdrawn at home (laughs)

By the way, today we will introduce the store -only "Friend introduction campaign" that started on July 10th!

table of contents

1. About friend introduction campaign

2. How to shop

1. About friend introduction campaign

A friend's introduction campaign is a campaign where you can visit the store with two or more people at Daikanyama's directly managed store, and if each person purchases the product, the bill is 5%off.

I want more people to know RICCI EVERYDAY! It is a campaign that I planned. 。

Many customers come to the store with friends, family and partners. By all means, I hope you can enjoy shopping at RICCI EVERYDAY.


2. How to shop

The following is an easy -to -understand explanation of shopping in a friend campaign.

for example…

A, B, and two people.

If you buy Achero bag 4WAY, and B purchase a cube pouch, the accounting of A's Achero bag 4WAY and B's cube pouch will be 5%off.

You can make the accounting separately, or you can join us.

The title of the campaign is "friends", but this campaign will be applied not only for friends but also for family members and partners.

It's fun to shop while chatting, saying, "Isn't this kind of pattern suitable?" "The shape of that bag is also cute!"

I hope you can shop while enjoying the world view of RICCI EVERYDAY at Daikanyama's directly managed store.

I would be glad if I could take me to such a fun campaign!

It is noteworthy that you may be able to come across items that you can not meet at online stores at Daikanyama's directly managed stores.

The friend introduction campaign will be held from July 10 (Sat) to August 31 (Tuesday), so please use it by all means.

Regarding the road to Daikanyama's directly managed store (from Daikanyama Station, the nearest station)HereWe will guide you with the photos, so please refer to it.

Currently, Daikanyama's directly managed store is operating in both reservation control and normal business.

One hour and one frame from 11:00 to 12:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, and are open after 12:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

* Reservations are not accepted on Monday.

* Thursday and Friday are regular holidays.

For more informationHereplease look at.

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