Basket festival information


hello. I'm Takatsuki, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (directly managed store).

It's raining every day. How do you spend? I spend every day looking forward to the summer visiting after the rainy season.

Speaking of summer, the basket season!

In RICCI EVERYDAY, special campaign, "Basket festivalIs will be performed at the online store and the Daikanyama direct store.

In this column, we will guide you about the "basket festival"!




1. What is a basket festival?


What is a basket festival?If you select baskets and accessories from the target products and combine them, it will be 10%off.It is a campaign.

The campaign schedule

Online Store: July 9-31, 2021

Daikanyama direct store: July 10-31, 2021

Is planned!



2. Target products

You can see the target products of the basket festival from this link. →【basket】When[Accessories]

From here, you can choose baskets and accessories one by one.

first,【basket】Introducing the target products one by one!

① Big Circle Sylvia Basket

② Fruit Cross Shet basket

③ Sisal Two -tone Marche bag S/L

④ Palm tree basket with scarf

⑤ Palmster basket

Buruni Raffia Bag

It is a colorful basketball series that looks like a broken bag as a bag.


Colorful two -tone basket bag.

The rounded form is perfect for a small outing.


There are many large L size, so it is recommended when going out or buying ingredients.


Because it is colorful, it is perfect for the interior of your room!

A basket featuring a simple basket and an African plastic scarf.



It can also be used as a laundry bag or storage bag.


The feature of this bag is a star made in Raffia.

The compatibility with the handle's leather is also outstanding.

<Buruni Raffia Bag>


A Raffia basket bag, a craftsman living in Burg, a country located south of Uganda.


It is just the right size for everyday use, and you can enter A4 size documents firmly.

next[Accessories]For the following products

①Eco Medium

② Cosmetic Pouch L

③ Shoulder kin -chak

An ecomi diamy that can be used as a regular bag of bags.


There is no lining, so it is small, so it is convenient to carry

A pouch with excellent storage capacity.



It is a size that allows you to put a smartphone or PC charger, a skin care item for travel, a set of makeup tools, etc.

It is a bag that can be used in many ways, such as holding it by hand, can be used as a diagon, or used as a bag -in -bag.



3. Example of a combination of basket x African plinting products


(Big Circle Sylvia Basket x Cosmetic Pouch L)


(Fruit Cross Shet Basket x Eco Midium)


(Fruit Cross Shet Basket x Shoulder Kink Chak)

(Palmster Basket x Cosmetic Pouch L)


Sisal Two -tone Marche Bag S x Shoulder Kink Chak


Sisal Two Tone Marche Bag L ×Eco Medium

How was the combination of African plastic and basket? Please let us know your favorite combinations.

The basket festival starts on the online store on July 9th and on July 10 at Daikanyama's directly managed stores.

Don't miss this opportunity, enjoy the hot summer with baskets and African prints!

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