Staff introduction vol.16

hello. It is Tanigawa of RICCI EVERYDAY. This time, we will deliver the 16th staff introduction.


Currently, I have been involved as an intern since April in college. I am studying a wide range of international cooperation at universities. I would like to write research on African plastic as graduation thesis. Thank you very much.

The reason why I learned about RICCI EVERYDAY

When I was a high school student, I happened to see a special feature on RICCI EVERYDAY on TV.

I still remember the bold and delicate patterns that I have never seen before. At that time, I first came across African plint, but I had a mysterious feeling that I really liked before.

At the same time, it was a very exciting encounter where the image of Africa changed dramatically.

Reasons for deciding to work as an intern

I was a third -year student this spring, but for the two years so far, I have been taking online classes at my parents' house. Online, I couldn't make friends or circle activities, and I felt a big gap between the university life I envisioned.

Two years have passed quickly, and when I feel vague that I want to do something like this, I want to do something, I found that I was looking for an intern on the RICCI EVERYDAY website that I often checked, and applied immediately. did.

Not only for the African plenty, but also the fact that I was very sympathetic to the empowerment, the creation of employment, and the attitude of facing environmental issues seriously was the reason I wanted to work.

Through this internship, I want to be able to think more about not only knowledge related to work, but also what international cooperation is.

About the business involved in the future

In the future, I will be in charge of column measures. I would like to do my best to deliver the content that makes RICCI EVERYDAY more familiar. In addition to column measures, we will also be involved in sales at stores and pop -up stores. There are still many things that are unfamiliar, but we will try to deliver excitement to everyone.

RICCI EVERYDAY's worrisome items

The item I am worried about now is the mermaid skirt. After all, the elegance of the line is the charm of this item.


At first glance, the coordination may seem difficult, but it can be seen together by matching the color of the color and the same color that is used in the skirt. In addition, if you put on the trendy gills, or if the shirt is applied diagonally from the shoulder and the cuffs are tied in front of the chest, you can create a sense of comfort at once.

Of course, the white T -shirt is refreshing and nice.


Please try this skirt that can be worn just by wearing it.

My boom

1. Making accessories and clothes

It's a hobby since elementary school than my boom, but I like making small items and clothes. Recently I made a reversible bucket hat.


The reason for the hat is that the head is large, and you can't find the size that can fit your head with a commercial product. (It is a whisper that it is troublesome to do makeup to go to a nearby supermarket.) The next production is to make a camisole dress with the cloth.

2. Petit DIY

Recently I started living alone, but I was worried about the floor color of the newly moved room and the color of the baseboard, so I did a petit DIY. The floor is laid with an ash cushion floor sheet, and the baseboard is a masking tape of the same color as the wallpaper. I'm satisfied for the time being, but I'm still thinking about what kind of interior to be going to be because it's still a killing scene.

Message to customers

Until the end Thank you for reading. We hope that we can send such an exciting place to illuminate, lifestyle, and heart with African plint. We look forward to your arrival.

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