Casual and formal♪A new bag of paper beads has been made!

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

I know that the GW is over, and I know that the next holiday is not until the sea day on July 18 ... (laughs). At that time, I want to work well on weekdays, rest on Saturdays and Sundays, and I want to keep a sharp life!

By the way, in this column, we will introduce "Paper Beads Mini Party Bag", which is newly joined in the popular RICCI EVERYDAY item "Paper Bead Bag" series.


1. What is a paper beads, mini -party bag?

2. Specifications / size

3. Color variations

Four. in conclusion

1. What is a paper beads, mini -party bag?


Paper Beads Mini Party Bag / ¥ 11550

A mini bag with a flap made of paper beads, a beads made of paper.

I visited a workshop where I made a paper bead bagInstagramSo, this bag was glanced at! I guess some people are looking forward to the release.


A paper bead bag that can be matched to the occasion style. This is a one -handle, and it has a more flap, so it has a more refreshing and formal atmosphere.


Of course, it is wonderful to match the casual style such as denim and sneakers! The usual casual style is upgraded and it will be gorgeous.


This paper beads, mini -party bags, which develop items that make use of Uganda craftsmanship and sustainable materials.NAWOLOVUIt is a line item.

The paper bead bags are made by hand by hand, and it takes about a week to complete.

Paper beads, which are the materials, are one of the traditional crafts of Uganda. Sustainable because it does not use plastic and is made from recycled paper. As a waterproof measure, beads are hardened with varnish one by one. Moreover, varnish seems to use eco -friendly ones.

2. Specifications / size

Then, I would like to introduce the specifications and size while comparing the existing model "Paper Beads Colorful Bag".

Paper beads, mini -party bag size is 18.5cm wide× height 15cm x gusset 11cm, weighs 400g





Paper beads and colorful bagsIt is 23cm wide x 16cm in height x 13cm gusset, and weighs 450g.




So, the paper beads, mini -party bags that appeared this time will be a little smaller size.

It is recommended to have the minimum you need or have a sub -bag together. (RICCI EVERYDAYEco MediumIsn't it very cute if you combine it! ? )


Paper beads and colorful bags have no flaps, double handles, while paper beads, mini -party bags, and one handle.

When you open the flap, it looks like this.


The flaps are stuck firmly, so you can use them with confidence.


3. Color variations

There are a total of 8 colors in stock! Brown and pale purple paper beads are the first colors♪


If you do a pop color coordination with a colorful paper bead bag, it will be brighter!

In addition, I think that choosing a basic color will be quite fashionable.

Please choose your favorite color♪

Four. in conclusion

How was the introduction of the new item "Paper Beads Mini Party Bag"?

A colorful bag that makes you feel perfect for going out. Please get this opportunity!


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