Also for hanging storage! A new "box storage case" that can be used on 2way is now available

Hello, I'm Saito of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Recently, the temperature difference is intense. I think it's easy to get sick, so please take good care of yourself.

The rainy season is coming soon. Will rainy days continue from now on? I want to go out in the early summer sunshine and go out happy!

This time, it is a campaign that blows you down more than the rainy season.New interior itemI would like to introduce you.

1. What is the "Home Time Colorful Plan"?

2. New item box storage case

3. in conclusion


1. What is the "Home Time Colorful Plan"?

On RICCI EVERYDAY, at the online store and Daikanyama directly managed store until 5/20 (Fri) -6/30 (Thu)We will hold a limited time campaign.

Purchase two or more target interior itemsIf you do, it will be 5 % off. Name it "Home Time Colorful Plan"!

In the rainy season, we have a wish to have a good time with colorful African plinting interior items.


The biggest feature of African plint is "colorful". The house will be gorgeous and your feelings will be brighter!

Even if you are difficult to use African plastic items at your outing destination or work, it may be a good idea to try it in your own space.

Why don't you take this opportunity to make your house colorful and happy every day?

The target products are as follows.

[List of interior items]

・ Box storage case



·Place mat

・ Kitchen miton


·Cushion Cover

・ Toilet paper holder

・ Wall pocket

・ Bottle sleeve

2. New item box storage case

A new product has appeared in line with the home colorful plan.

It is convenient to have one"Box storage case"is!

An item that can be used in 2way. It can be placed directly, but you can also hang it on a hanger rack.

Box storage case / ¥ 3,520 (tax included)


Isn't there a lot of people who want to adopt a hanging hanging storage effectively to make effective use of the room space?

The size is W50.5cm x H 22.5cm x D28cm, which can store plenty of various items.


Because it has Velcro, it can be easily attached.


Hang, put a hat or clothes, or put a towel in the bathroom.

Place the floor, put books and magazines, or put toys.


If you don't use it, it's a nice point not to take up space because it can be folded.

When it is troublesome to go out in the rain, you can change the room with a new item, "Box Storage Case", and keep it tidy.

3. in conclusion

How was it? I really like the "home time colorful plan".

During the damp season of the rainy season, the mood tends to be the same, but if you change the pattern with African print, the tension should increase.

I would like to take this opportunity to clean the things that are always scattered in the box storage case.

I would like everyone to be the executive committee of this "Home Time Colorful Plan"!

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