Staff introduction vol.17

Hello, this is Washida of RICCI EVERYDAY. This time, we will deliver the 17th staff introduction.

I am a fourth -year college student who attends international cooperation, and has begun to work on writing acclaimed graduation thesis. I want you to watch it warmly from now on.

The trigger of knowing -RICCI EVERYDAY-

The trigger was because I myself was captivated by African plint.

In the last few months, I have been fascinated by the energy power and relaxing effect that African plints convey.

One of the brands who handled African plastic brands was RICCI EVERYDAY from one end.

In addition, a teacher who was making Africa into fields in college classes taught me.

-The intern / reason for deciding to work-

As I learned about international cooperation and development in developing countries at universities, I became more interested in social business than assistance.

Don't miss this opportunity to be involved in your favorite Africa and know the social business site! I applied for the intern.

(There is only this! It is only here that I sent an application email while dyeing my hair at a beauty salon ... I felt so intuitive.)

-The business content involved in the future-

In the future, I will be in charge of the work mainly for the help of overseas expansion.

In the future, I want to work in English, so I have a very valuable experience to improve my skills.

However, I still have a lack of knowledge, so I want to keep inputting various things like a sponge and do not forget to move positively!

-RICCI EVERYDAY is an interesting item-

Every product is very easy to use and everything is recommended, but this time I would like to introduce two points.

1. Kiki Eco Circle White

It is reversible of off -white colored and colorful African plints woven with weaving machines, and can be changed according to the mood at that time.

The most important point is that you can freely change the length of the handle's string!

It is an excellent thing that can be held for both shoulders and hands.

2. Leather key chain series

A key chain in a gorilla or hippo -shaped shape.

One side is leather and the other side is African plint, so it is cute even if you attach it to the Achero series, and it is perfect for one point accent for your bag!

Which animal to use or which pattern cloth ...

You can dance just by thinking!

-My boom-

1. Cardboard work

I made a PC case with cardboard under the influence of my friend!

The photo is a pass case made of the surplus cardboard. I like the illustration and the "GREEN" logo in the kiwi fruit case.

I'm addicted to find an interesting cardboard at a greengrocer or supermarket and think about what to make from there.

Actually, I am looking forward to the future because it is my boom from the other day.

2. Indian curry

Going to Indian restaurants and Asian restaurants and eating Indian curry is a year -old boom.

I especially love the combination of Indian curry and cheesenan!

I always go once a month, and I go to eat Indian curry alone.

When there were many, I went to eat three or four times a month.

The goal is to decide My Best Cheese Nan.

The personal judgment criterion is whether there is cheese to the end of cheese and the end of Nan. If you have honey, the tension will rise!

It seems that it will take some time to determine the first place because it is still not enough.

Recently, I bought Nan's element, so I'm thinking of making cheese nan at my own home.

-Message to customers-

I think it is very significant for me to have the opportunity to be involved in RICCI EVERYDAY. Therefore, I want to find what I can do and try to deliver excitement to everyone!

Look at the product