Perfect for summer! Introducing new pattern clothes

hello. It is Tanigawa of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The chilly season has passed, and hot days have continued these days. I want to enjoy going out for a bunch until the rainy season!

By the way, this is an introduction of new pattern wear that will arrive on Friday 27th this week. Three patterns are first appeared in the vacation dress and random tack skirts that we have sold for a long time.♪

Please introduce all six clothes and enjoy it to the end.

1. Vacation dress

2. Random tack skirt

3. in conclusion

1. Vacation dress (¥25,300)

The vacation dress is a long blouse with plenty of air. Switching gathers under the chest will show you a good style. The pocket is perfect for putting a little thing. It is wonderful to wear it as a dress or layer as a haori.

Vacation dress -I Blue Orange White & White Blue Orange- 

A popular eye pattern has appeared in vacation dresses that can be worn lightly. Plenty of balloon sleeves and tiards have eye patterns well.♪

Eye Blue Orange White & White Blue Orange features a place that shows various expressions depending on the angle you see. You can enjoy the left and right asymmetric patterns.

Vacation dress -II Orange Yellow & Orange Pink-

This is the eye -catching eye orange yellow & orange pink. It is a perfect pattern for the coming season.

It's nice to wear it with a single piece or layer. The 10 -minute sleeves protect your skin from the sunlight you are worried about in the coming season.

Vacation dress -Wild Flower Orange & Purple-

Wild flower orange & purple that can be decided chicly. Compared to the two patterns described above, it is worn more mature and is perfect for beginners of African plints.

It is the first place that seems to be active not only for town use but also on the beach.

2. Random tack skirt (¥ 22,000)

The random tack skirt is a long skirt with a tack. Only the back of the waist is rubber, so you can wear it easily. The hem does not spread too much and has a good flare.

The three newly appeared in random tack skirts are the same pattern as the three patterns introduced in a vacation dress.

Random tack skirt- I Blue Orange White & White Blue Orange-

Random tack skirt- I Orange Yellow & Orange Pink-

Random tack skirt- Wild Flower Orange & Purple-

3. in conclusion

How was six new patterns of clothes? In the coming season, these clothes, which are sure to be active, will be released online from 21:00 on the online store on May 27 (Fri).

Why don't you take this opportunity to incorporate African plints into your daily fashion?

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