Introducing a reliable Marcheback S/L that is easy to carry even though it is outstanding storage capacity!

Hello, this is Oda of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Recently, the Golden Week has ended, and the temperature difference has become intense, such as being wrapped in warm and cheerful, and cold rain.

Be careful about physical condition management, such as jackets that can adjust your body temperature immediately, and overcome the rainy season together.

This time, a new pattern will be arrived on May 27 (Fri) today.

Introducing Marche Bag S/L from the popular eco -back series.

In fact, it was renamed "Marche Bag" to "Marche Bag" and released this spring.

1.What is a Marche bag?

2. Size / specifications

3. in conclusion

1. What is Marche Bag S/L?

Marche bag S / 2,640 yen

A Marche bag S, which is smaller than eco bag and is useful for buying a small thing such as a convenience store.

Since the lining is not attached, it can be folded small and can be stored in the inner pocket.

Marche bag L / 3,960 yen

This is a larger size than Marche bag S.

Since the gusset is 8cm, you can put plenty of items, and there is a sense of stability when you hold it.

2. Size / specifications

  • Marche bag S

With a width of 21cm x height 29cm x gusset 8cm, it is a size that can fit three My bottle and milk packs.

There is one pocket inside, and it is a convenient point to put keys and accessories.

When folded, it is about the same size as a smartphone, so it is recommended to use it as a sub bag.

Since the lining is not attached, it can be folded small and can be stored in the inner pocket.

It is not bulky in your bag and can be carried around.

  • Marche bag L

Width 35cm x height 40cm x gusset 8cm, it is a feeling of size that can put plenty of items.

Like the Marche Bag S, it has one pocket and can be folded, so you can use it as an eco -back or sub -bag.

I am glad that it is very convenient to carry, even though it has excellent storage capacity.

  • Marche bag S/L size comparison

Click here for the size comparison of Marche bag S and L.

In both cases, it has a storage capacity, but it can be folded small, so it is a great sense of size that matches when you go out or a little shopping.

Please choose the size according to the application.

3. in conclusion

How was it?

A convenient Marche bag that has storage capacity. It is a perfect product for a little outing and sub -bag.

please check it!


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