I want to have one! What is a versatile side revoneless?

hello. I'm Washida of RICCI EVERYDAY.

At this time, when the opportunity to wear short sleeves increased, many people may be excited about the rainy season, but are excited for the summer.

I pray every day that I can go out more than before this summer ...!

By the way, this time, I would like to introduce the side revoneless just released on June 3 (Fri) today.

If you wear this, you will definitely enjoy this summer even more!

1. What is a side ribondeless?

2. Size / specifications

3. Color variations

Four. At the end

1. What is a side ribondeless?

All photos are all model height 153cm

Side Ribondeless (¥ 23,100)

The biggest feature is the ribbon on both sides of the waist!

Because it is gathered, if you tighten the ribbon, the waist will be tight.

The ribbon not only makes the appearance cute, but also the waist position is high and you can expect a style up!

The skirt has a design with a wide hem, so if you walk or blow, you will get a fluffy cuteness!

2. Size / specifications

The size is 128cm in length 128cm x shoulder width 44cm x bust 52cm x waist 92cm.

Since the sleeves are French sleeve, I think that the atmosphere may change again if you wear long sleeves such as long sleeves in the fall and winter in the fall and winter.

It is fashionable to match the bottoms such as denim below! !

3. Color variations

This time, the following five colors will appear!

I Blue Orange White & White Blue Orange

This pattern is characterized by the atmosphere changes depending on the viewing angle!

It is a color that shines in the crisp blue sky in summer.

Wild Flower Yellow & Green

This time, two colors come out of the popular wild flower.

Yellow & green is a refreshing impression and cool!

Wild Flower Yellow & Red

Conversely, yellow & red is passionate red! Give people who see gorgeous impressions.

It is a color and pattern that you want to wear for festivals.

Big Flower Red & Blue

This is also a pattern using flowers, but it is more cute.

Isn't it perfect for summer vacation?

Seasonal forest / summer

This pattern with blue is exactly summer! It's like that.

It is the first place that you want to wear on the waterside, such as the sea and river!

Four. At the end

Side ribondeless is an excellent thing that can be used in formal and casual situations!

Because it is summer, it may be worth trying a little vivid color and pattern.

Let's go out with African plastic side revoneless this summer! ?


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