Staff introduction vol.9

Hello, I'm Takai, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL directly managed store. This time, we will deliver the 9th installment of staff.


I am currently a first -year graduate school, and I have been involved in working as an internship since April. Before I went to graduate school, I was a member of society and worked in education.

In addition, I have been active in Colombia, South America for two years as a JICA youth overseas cooperative squad!


It is my introduction column. Please enjoy it!

-About the current work-

I am mainly in charge of managing column articles on the website and online store.

In addition, at the directly managed store in Daikanyama, we are helping to find one of your favorite points (especially my favorite work!). I am very happy to be able to share excitement with customers surrounded by colorful and playful products of RICCI EVERYDAY! Please come to the directly managed store to enjoy excitement.

The trigger of knowing -RICCI EVERYDAY-

Originally, I loved African prints, and I often looked for brands and shops that handle African clothes and accessories on the Internet. About three years ago, I became interested in Ethical fashion that takes into account the environment and producer human rights. I met RICCI EVERYDAY, which is a sustainable product while supporting the employment of Uganda women.

I heard from a friend who was active as a youth overseas cooperative in Uganda, and when I looked into the online store, I was fascinated by the best combination of my favorite African plint and stylish rectangular bag!

-Modified to decide to work-

The main reason is that I sympathized with the philosophy of RICCI EVERYDAY "I like" rather than "preferred". "

Until now, I love colorful things, but I often feel sick of the world that takes courage to acquire it. However, when I saw this word, I sympathized with "That's right!"

In addition, RICCI EVERYDAY also faces social issues, and the fact that there is a good society beyond "like", which matched my ideal.

I decided to apply for an internship because I thought, "I want to learn how everyone can smile!"

-RICCI EVERYDAY's favorite items-

My favorite item is "Mini Kero"! Mini -kero is a perfect size for going out on holidays and is very easy to use.

In addition, it is attached with a mini, but the capacity is surprisingly big! In addition to wallets, smartphones, and pouches, 500ml of water bottles and folding umbrellas are also available, so it is also recommended for those with a lot of luggage. In addition, notes, notebooks, books, etc. are also clear, so it is OK for commuting.

Personally, I like the refreshing feeling when I have it, and the bag is small but the best for me with a lot of luggage!

Because you don't claim too much, it can be a basic style accent, and it will be familiar with items with a habit.


I have given a present to my mother and I love it!


RICCI EVERYDAY products that can be enjoyed by a wide range of ages are perfect for gifts. Mother's Day gift boxes are also available, so by all meansonline storePlease take a look.

-My boom-

  1. Latin dance

In Colombia, where I lived before, Latin music, called salsa, bacata, and meringue, was playing everywhere in the city. Also, on the night of the weekend, it was a standard for young people to invite each other to the club, and to dance to music while drinking alcohol in a group. I want to be able to dance too! I practiced and learned the steps.


Even after returning to Japan, I go to salsa classrooms and continue dancing. I especially like the music called Bacharata. Please search and listen on YouTube etc.!

  1. Gama -kun and Kage -kun

Did you know the book "Futari Honorachi"? Gama -kun and Kae -kun are the protagonists of the story that appear in this book. The story of "Otogami" is famous, so I think many people have heard it.


I love children's literature because I used to work in education before, but I am particularly impressed by this "Futari Friends" series.

The relationship between the two, which is positive and gently wrapped in a human being who complains, gives up, and is clumsy, is very nice and healed.

If you read when your heart is tired, you will feel warm and warm!

-Message to customers-

Until the end Thank you for reading! If you come to Daikanyama, please drop in at a directly managed store. Let's share the "excitement" delivered by RICCI EVERYDAY together! We'll be expecting you.

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