Introduction of online gift cards


Hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto, a store manager directly managed by RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL. How are you spending?

Recently, the sun has become stronger with the temperature, and the day has grown. And the season to put sunscreen on your face before your makeup has arrived. It seems that sunscreen will be effective 45 minutes after applying. The other day, I asked a friend who was a cosmetics for cosmetics for a recommended sunscreen, and immediately suggested about 4 recommended ones. After all, what I need to have is today when I thought I was an excellent sunscreen and a gentle friend. (smile)

What I want to send to such a gentle friend is the online gift card of RICCI EVERYDAY.

This time, I would like to introduce the online gift card that appeared in the online store the other day.

(Please forgive me that the text that connects the story at the beginning was forced (laughs))



table of contents

1, what is an online gift card?

2. lineup of online gift cards

3. How to send an online gift card

4. How to use online gift cards

5. Notes on online gift cards

6. Finally



1, what is an online gift card?

Have you ever heard about online gift cards?

An online gift card is a gift card that can be used in the online store as the name suggests.

Online gift cards can send gift cards to your opponent through email or LINE. Therefore, it is a good place for an online gift card that you can easily send it to those who cannot meet directly.

Thankfully, RICCI EVERYDAY items are often selected for gifts. However, it is also difficult for the opponent to give a pattern that seems to be happy.

Therefore, the online gift card is active.

By presenting an online gift card, the sender who is sent can select the items of your favorite pattern.

It is fun to choose items while thinking of the other person's face that gives the present, but it is also good to be able to choose your favorite pattern while having fun.

* This online gift card can only be used at the RICCI EVERYDAY online store. (Not available at other online shops)

2. lineup of online gift cards

There are four types of RICCI EVERYDAY online gift cards.

You can imagine the price of the product you want to give and choose your favorite gift card.





3. How to send an online gift card

Then, I will introduce how to send an online gift card!

① Select and purchase your favorite online gift card.

In the "gift" item in the online store "Product" category, there is a "gift card". You can purchase from there.


There are four types of online gift cards, each of which is different. Please choose what you like.

② After the purchase, to the buyerYou will receive an email with a URL for gifts.

* Up to one business day after payment (weekdays excluding weekends and holidays) until the gift card is sent by e -mail. Please be careful if you are in a hurry.

③ Send a URL to the other party to give a present.

The way to send is very simple, so you can easily send it. Please tell us that it is a message or a gift card that can be used in the RICCI EVERYDAY online store.



4. How to use online gift cards

This time, I will explain how to use the online gift card.

① Access the URL sent from the gifts.

Click the sent URL to access.

② Enter the displayed 16 -digit gift code when purchasing the product.

When you access the URL, a 16 -digit gift code is displayed. If you enter that code when purchasing the product, the discount for the gift card will be applied.

Also, if you order a product that is less than the amount of the gift card, it is also a point that you can use it for another order!

How to use is very easy! If you choose your favorite product and use the online gift card code, you can shop with a discounted gift card! By all means, I would like those who have been sent to look for their favorite products and patterns.



5. Notes on online gift cards

There are some precautions when using an online gift card. Please also see this.

・ The amount of gift cards will be applied to the total amount of orders including tax and shipping fee.

・ If the total amount of your order exceeds the available amount of the gift card, you will need to pay the difference, so please select the payment method according to the guide.

・ Please note that you cannot specify the amount to be used.

・ The expiration date is after the giver purchases a gift card.Six monthsis.

・ You can cancel the order only if the online gift card is unused.

・ Within 7 days from the order date,Inquiry formPlease let us know if you cancel more.



6. Finally

The above is how to give an online gift card and how to use it. What did you think?

You may think that it is difficult to give an online gift card, but please try it because it is easy.

It is also recommended for those who want to give a gift. I don't know what to send while I'm choosing ...! "

The online gift card is attractive that the sent partner can choose your favorite one. I think the real pleasure of shopping is that you get lost while you're excited, so I'd be grateful if you could get lost and choose your favorite one.


The friend who talked at the beginning loves reggae dance and seems to be compatible with RICCI EVERYDAY items, so I will give an online gift card to a friend this time.

Why don't you send an online gift card to your loved ones?