Staff introduction vol.10

Hello, I'm Masaki, a RICCI EVERYDAY overseas development team. This time, we will deliver the 10th staff introduction.


While currently working for a consulting company, I belong to a graduate doctoral course, and I am studying the economic activities of Uganda women from the perspective of gender and development. RICCI EVERYDAY has been involved in business as an intern since April 2020.

This time, it is my introduction. thank you!

-About the current work-

Originally, I was in charge of RICCI EVERYDAY's website renewal, and I was involved in rebranding, website composition, and translation general work, so I am currently marketing to expand brands overseas such as Taiwan. I am in charge of business.

The website is indispensable for customers to meet RICCI EVERYDAY products. Through the rebranding of the website, the renewal construction work, and the current overseas expansion work, how to communicate how to communicate the brand messages of RICCI EVERYDAY to domestic and overseas customers through products. It is often possible to think every day if it can attract potential customers!

The trigger of knowing -RICCI EVERYDAY-

The first encounter with RICCI EVERYDAY was an introduction of Instagram by a friend. Originally, I had been studying the African region since the master's course, so I was very interested in African plints, and I was aware of the tasks of the sewing industry surrounding African plints and the relevance of African women. I did it.

At that time, my friend introduced the RICCI EVERYDAY Instagram and was impressed by the business that approached the problem consciousness. Above all, I was fascinated by the colorfulness that makes my feelings brighter just by looking at it, and practical products that I want to use every day.

-Modified to decide to work-

I decided to work on RICCI EVERYDAY because I deeply sympathized with my business. In particular, "" "" "I love the word where you can find yourself.Until then, I was not confident in myself, and I was not able to say that I was aware of my potential, and to accept myself, including all the weak and strong parts. However, the encounter with the brands that the brand has raised, and you will be able to positively and enjoy thinking about where the place you think you are the most you think and how to create it. I did it.

Through that experience, I came to think, "I want to deliver the same words and thoughts to those who are suffering in the same way as me."

-RICCI EVERYDAY's favorite items-

My favorite item is Medium Akero! I always have a lot of luggage, and I often forget to buy it when I buy it, so I have a medium akero that I suddenly remember and buy it during my daily business is useful.

Medium Akero is not only able to fold and use a clutch, but also has a pouch inside, so I take it out and use it as an accommodation pouch. It is one item that combines the capacity that can be entered and the variety of usage, so I like it so much for various people!

I personally like the pattern. I like the intermediate colors such as green and the small design, so every time I see the items in the photo every time I see them all of my favorite designs!




-My boom-

My boom is jazz appreciation!

The big trigger that I was interested in Africa is actually music. In particular, I loved genres such as jazz, soul, and R & B, and I had a great admiration and respect for the unique rhythm and sense of people with roots in Africa. At the same time, they have an artistic potential to learn the history of why they were brought to the United States and Western Europe as slaves, and the awareness of problems based on that is a major that creates their specialty in their current work. It became a base.

Recently, I often reconsider my work and how I live in my own way, so when I want to deepen my thoughts, I play in a jazz cafe or jazz bar when I want to get some hints. It is a boom to go to listen to!

Listening to jazz, not only can you communicate with the people with roots in the distant Africa, but also realize the width of the language, not just letters but also sounds. I can do it. Originally, Africa was a non -shared society, and the sounds that can be played in life played a major role as a communication tool. I think that the people of African who have lived in such a society have formed indispensable music and culture in the world. Every time you listen to a highly improvised jazz session, you can feel the width of the language you catch, the diversity of values, and the fun of putting them together, and sharpen your own values ​​and thoughts. you can get.

-Message to customers-

Thank you for reading until the end!

From now on, I hope that more people will be able to provide products that can help you create a place where you can be yourself.

Look forward to the next staff introduction!

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