Introduction of new wear Vol.1

Hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto, a store manager directly managed by RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.

GW has begun, how are you spending? I think many people spend this year's GW at home. How about this column for your home time?

In this column, we will introduce the new clothes in the online store on the 30th (Fri). It is a clothes that can be worn at home as well as outside, so please take a look!


This time, there are a total of seven types of clothes that appeared in the online store. All of them are all nice clothes!

Today we will introduce 5 kinds of clothes.

table of contents

  1. Romantic dress
  2. Relax long shirt
  3. Spring coat dress
  4. Tapered pants
  5. Relaxing pants
  6. At the end

  1. Romantic dress

This is a volumey sleeve and a hem that spreads out when it moves, as the name suggests, is exactly "romantic". It is a dress reminiscent of a full -fledged dress that many people long.

You can wear it as a dress, and if you put the pants underneath, the impression will change again.

This dress is switched between the lower chest and the skirt. With this switch, the dress is sharp, and the dress itself makes it easier to move.

Every time it moves, the sleeves and hem spread, so it is a dress that you want to stand in front of the mirror forever. Romantic does not stop ...! ! (smile)

Click here for the size of the romantic dress length. Please refer to it.

  1. Relax long shirt

This relaxed long shirt is a shirt that can be worn easily so that it can be relaxed, as the name suggests.


This is also characteristic of the voluminous sleeves. There is a gathering on the sleeve, so you can adjust the sleeve length.

In addition, since the length of the front and back length is asymmetric, it is hard to get a heavy impression overall.

Because the chest is open, there is a sense of omission.


  1. Spring coat dress


This spring coat dress, which can be worn lightly, is recommended when you are wondering what to wear. If you stop all the buttons, you can wear it as a dress and a little coat as shown in the photo. Just wearing this on one piece will make it look fashionable at once.

Because it is a refreshing design, it may be easy to wear at home. It might be nice to wear it after taking a bath ...!


  1. Tapered pants


This tapered pants, which have an impressive design, can see the legs.

You can match the perfect shirt, or you can wear a large shirt in a well -balanced manner.

It is one of the versatile items because it fits any tops.

The recommended point is that the buttocks and thighs are spacious, but the line is exquisite, and it is easy to see thin and slender.

The ease of movement is also outstanding, so you can spend your time at home.


The waist contains rubber, so even if you eat a lot of rice, it will expand and shrink the rubber, so it is safe! (smile)

  1. Relaxing pants

Unlike tapered pants, it is an impressive pants with a wide hem width. The point is to wear it in the hem length that can be on the ground or not. By doing so, the legs look long.

It is also recommended to wear it like a setup with a relaxed long shirt introduced earlier!


Relaxing pants, like tapered pants, are easy to wear because the waist part is rubber.

In addition, the hem width is wide, so the ease of movement is outstanding.

  1. At the end

What did you think? Each clothes introduced this time have patterns other than photos, so please check out the online store.

Also, on Thursday, 29thInstagramWe have introduced this clothes, so please take a look.

You can try on and purchase from May 1 (Sat) at Daikanyama directly managed stores. If you want to see the actual size and texture, please come.

We will introduce your clothes next week, so please look forward to it!

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