Introduction of the Akero Box May issue


hello. I'm Sasaki, a RICCI EVERYDAY Daikanyama directly managed store staff.

How do you spend during the Golden Week?

Let's play this year's Golden Week! Unfortunately, I didn't do that, but I spent a relaxing time watching videos at home.

By the way, this time we will introduce the May issue of Akero Box, which will deliver gifts that make home time more fulfilling.

May issue lineup

  1. Uganda Dry Previously
  2. Coffee or herbal tea
  3. RICCI EVERYDAY Original Booklet "5 + 1 SENSES"
  4. calendar
  5. Monthly gift walnut button
  6. African plint

  1. Uganda Dry Previously

This month, we will deliver pineapple dried fruits. It seems that Uganda can be picked up abundantly, and in the eastern part of Uganda, which is the production area of ​​this dried fruit, it seems that pineapples with more than 16 degrees are grown!



Please enjoy the juicy taste.

  1. Coffee or herbal tea

From the April issue, you can now choose coffee or herbal tea.

Click here for this month's coffee.


This is a coffee grown in the field of Mt. Ergon in eastern Uganda, and uses precious peeabury. The scent is very good, so please enjoy it.

And to customers who order herbal tea sets, we will deliver a butterfly tee from Ghana.


Butterfly pity is said to be good for skin, promotes metabolism, and is good for eye fatigue. It is perfect for the increase in remote work.

Also, when you add lemon, the color changes to purple. Please try it!


  1. RICCI EVERYDAY Original Booklet "5 + 1 SENSES"

This month's theme is "Fair Trade". Every year on the second Saturday of May (8th this year), it is a World Fair Trade Day, and events are held around the world.

The booklet introduces fair trade, and two creators who make Picha's Happy Hippo and Paper Beads Colorful Bags.

  1. calendar

From this month's issue, it has been changed from a statement card to an original calendar!


This calendar is not just a calendar. If you collect two months, one picture will be completed!

It is designed by a staff member who works on online store product photos and booklet illustrations.

Please use it by applying your favorite colors or putting a hagire yourself!

  1. Monthly gift walnut button

The monthly gift of the May issue is a walnut button.

We will deliver two types, 29mm and 38mm. The pattern is fun after it arrives!

This walnut button has a leg, so you can enjoy it as a hair elastic, brooch, and bracelet.


In addition, it is cute to accent a gift wrapping.

It is also possible to remove the button's feet and arrange them. For example, the following three,

① Put on a magnet or hook and put it on the refrigerator.

② If you attach it to a wooden clip, you can enjoy it as a slightly stylish stationery.

③ It is also possible to arrange for earrings and earrings. Recently, large accessories seem to be popular.

Please enjoy it according to your preference!

  1. African plint

Customers who order Akero boxes with African plastic lines will also deliver a 30cm x 30cm African card.


I am looking forward to what kind of pattern arrives here.

How was it?

The Akero Box is a regular flight that started, hoping to stimulate the five senses and expand the world while staying at home. We hope that the customer's life will be brighter and fun through the Akero box.

Click here for the May issue of Akero Box

I want to try it once! For those who like, a trial service is recommended. If you are interested, please check it out.