Introduction of new wear Vol.2


I'm Takatsuki, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.

Golden Week is over, and summer is approaching in earnest. In this column, we will guide you to the perfect African -printed clothes for early summer.

I will introduce two points today!


 1. Abu Dhabi Gather / Skirt

 2. Color dress

1. Abu Dhabi Gather / Skirt

Abu Dhabi Gather skirt featuring flare silhouette.

Since the length is different between the front and back, it will show your feet neatly.

You can also change the length not only before and after, but also on the left and right!


The waist is also made of rubber, so you can wear it comfortably at home without tightening.

Combine blouse and sleeveless to create a calm casual style.

It is a perfect item for one point of coordination!

2. Colored dress


Gather is the point "colored dress".

It is a versatile clothes that can be used as a dress or as a haori.

It is also a point that there is a switch back on the hem.


If you wear it as a dress, it is recommended to open your neck and wear it! Please try it with your necklace.

In addition, if you tighten the ribbon of the waist and give the upper body a volume, it will give a cute impression.



If you put it on, it will give you a cooler impression.

Just put it on when you go out, it will be an accent of coordination.

It is also recommended to hang it on your shoulder. (Don't be skipped on windy days ...! Laughs)

Did you enjoy the introduction of clothes?

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