Column renewal information


hello. I'm Takai, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.

The number of days when the temperature rises is increasing, and the season is about to reach the early summer. When summer approaches, I can't calm down because of the fun (laughs), but what about you?

The column on the RICCI EVERYDAY website will be renewed today! This time, I would like to introduce the renewed column category and new banners.

There are seven column categories:

  1. In the middle of Chitsu Nakamoto
  2. Letter from RICCI EVERYDAY
  3. Staff product introduction
  4. Express yourself in fashion Color, Power.
  5. African Cump Lint Story
  6. The moment I took a step
  7. RICCI EVERYDAY and sustainability

  1. In the middle of Chitsu Nakamoto


RICCI EVERYDAY representative Chitsu Nakamoto spells what she thinks through her brand and what she feels every day.

The secret story of the development of "Berk Cross", which became a hot topic when RICCI EVERYDAY was featured in the NHK comprehensive "The world is full of things you want", and the development secret story of the beads "paper beads" made from paper are also sent from this category. To do!

  1. Letter from RICCI EVERYDAY


We will deliver the latest information related to RICCI EVERYDAY, such as new product information and events held at Daikanyama directly managed stores.

We will also introduce staff involved in RICCI EVERYDAY and information on Uganda where there is a studio.

  1. Staff product introduction


Introducing the functions and original usage for RICCI EVERYDAY staff to enjoy 120%of the products.

We will also propose coordination using products.

  1. Express your personality in fashion Color, Power.


Planning "Instagram" from MayRICCI EVERYDAY Kala Pawa Corde]. In conjunction with that, we will decide the theme color on a monthly basis, and introduce various coordinates based on colors.

"I like" rather than "preferred".

"Maybe you wanted to coordinate," we will send you a column where you can find your "like" that you are sleeping.

  1. African Cump Lint Story


The appeal of African prints that give time like treasure hunt is not only the vividness of color.

In this category, we will convey the deep world of African prints, such as the historical background of African plint, the current cloth market, and the meaning of the pattern.

  1. When I took a step


Introducing a story that focuses on the spotlight the moment you find your own personality of various people connected by RICCI EVERYDAY.

We will send an article about interviews with RICCI EVERYDAY staff, customers and those involved.

  1. RICCI EVERYDAY and sustainability

Through the manufacturing of RICCI EVERYDAY, we will consider the better world.

Think not only about "now" but also about "future". Think not only on "existence" but also about "background".

We will send articles that will trigger you to think about sustainability.

What did you think?

Columns are released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I hope you will enjoy the latest information on RICCI EVERYDAY, Uganda situation, and the worldview proposed by RICCI EVERYDAY through columns.

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