Staff introduction vol.11

Hello, this is Sasaki Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY. This time, we will deliver the eleventh introduction of the staff.


-About the current work-

As a RICCI EVERYDAY staff, I am currently in charge of the production management and stylist operations of the mask business, I am involved in writing coordination -related columns, and has been involved in the operation of "Karaka Corde", which started on RICCI EVERYDAY's Instagram last month. 。

In the mask business that started last year, I was involved in all processes, from cut work to inspection and package packing. For the first time, I was able to know how long it would take before one product was completed and how long it would take.

In the stylist business, we make coordination proposals so that customers can enjoy African plints more, and send those who have colored colors.

The brand tagline "Color, Power." Is exactly what I always feel from fashion. I always get power from colorful clothes and bags.

We are working on business so that customers can enjoy fashion more with African plastic bags, clothes, and their colors.

The trigger of knowing -RICCI EVERYDAY-

About five years ago, I learned about RICCI EVERYDAY for the first time in a pop -up at Tamagawa Takashimaya. On that day, I was searching for Mother's Day gifts for hours. However, there was nothing at all, and when I was about to return, I jumped into my eyes. Very colorful and easy to use! At first glance. When I purchased a gift for Mother's Day and examined the brand after returning home, I was impressed not only by the product but also the brand concept, and then became a fan of RICCI EVERYDAY.

-Modified to decide to work-

Next, I wanted a bag of the Achero series for myself. About a year after the pop -up of Tamagawa Takashimaya, I was able to visit Ginza pop -ups. So I talked to the representative Nakamoto mother and daughter, Chitsu and Ritsueda for the first time. I bought a medium akero that day, but there was an unforgettable cosmetic pouch, and I visited the pop -up again the next day. On that day, Tsue -san came to the store, and when I talked again, I heard that Tsue -san was doing work in Japan alone. She felt very busy and hard, and she said, "If you have anything you can help, let me help me." I thought it would be useful if I helped me with it, but now I have no experience, but I'm ashamed to say it. 。 。

However, we exchanged contact information from that word, and when the Daikanyama store opens, we will contact you, "Would you like to work together as a store staff?" Now it's a surprising change to be a stylist.

Before I worked on RICCI EVERYDAY, I have never worked as an emergency paramedic, and I am grateful to those who accepted me, who was an unknown world about apparel.

-RICCI EVERYDAY's favorite items-

My favorite item is the Akero Shet. It contains a wallet, smartphone, cube pouch, handkerchief, pocket tissue, key, etc., and can be used diagonally using a strap.

It is also used as a bag -in -bag for bags without large bags and pockets.


This Akeropo Shet is a favorite item that my father also takes when I go to golf, and my grandmother is indispensable for shopping. It is a favorite item for the whole family, not just me.

-My boom-

My boom is tall paint. Do you know tall paint?


My mother had been learning for a long time and started following the classroom. I am not good at drawing, but there was a word from the teacher that Tall Paint was okay if I could not draw, and when I tried it, it was very fun and I started learning in earnest.

It is very deep, such as how to change the color by attaching some kinds of paint to the brush without mixing the paint with the palette, how to put the brush, how to pull it out, and how to put in force.

I often work alone at home, so I always think about work, but when I'm doing tall paint, I get all my work and other thoughts, so I can concentrate on this. It is a very good refreshing time.

-Message to customers-

Until the end Thank you for reading! Originally I was a fan of RICCI EVERYDAY. Two years have passed since I participated as a staff member. I love RICCI EVERYDAY, which is completely different from the feeling of being a fan. We will sympathize with our customers, close to our customers, and strive to help. And I would like to continue working on my daily work so that customers and staff are excited!

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