Introduction of Father's Day Gift Box


hello. I'm Sasaki, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (Daikanyama -direct store).

Recently, the weather has continued. However, when you see the natural phenomenon such as the rainbow and the sun that shines from the clouds that can be seen after the rain, you will feel better. Nowadays, I feel a little happiness in everyday life (laughs)

Well, Mother's Day is over, and June is Father's Day. We have prepared a colorful gift box that you want to send to your precious father.

Click here for the lineup!

①I / Mask Set

② Zakuzakuto set

③ Akeroto Shet Set

Common contents in the gift box

All three kinds of gift boxes include Uganda coffee and dry prineapple.

This is a brand called Citrin Caravan, which sells products produced in Uganda's organic agriculture.

It is also delivered in the Akero box every month, but it has been very well received by customers.

Now that the house time is long, why don't you take a break with your father?

Next, I will introduce each lineup.

①I / Mask Set (including tax ¥ 4,268)


"I. Mask" sold since last fall. It is a handmade product by Japanese women. The point of this mask is that it is easy to breathe while fitting with three -dimensional design, and has both fashionable and functionality.

Corona is not easy to end and there are many dark news, but I hope you will feel bright with a colorful mask.

② Zakuzakuto set (tax included ¥ 9,988)

This is a new product Zakuzakuto. As the name suggests, the luggage is crunchy!

It is used in various scenes, such as for gyms, golf, shopping (especially when going to large stores such as Costco).

Click here for the feeling of having a bag. You can hold it with a parent and child or in a pair.☻


The point of this product is not only a lot of luggage! There are two private recommended points.

The first is that there are four inner pockets. It is really convenient to be able to take out small things such as smartphones and tissues. One of the four pockets has a chuck, so it is safe to put valuables there.

The second is to fold it small. A large bag is inevitable in the storage space. Zakuzakuto is convenient for storage because it can be made compact while making it durable!

③ Akero Pot Shet Set (including tax ¥ 11,308)


The customer who uses this Akeropo Shet for golf is a glance.👀


Some people go to golf to the Akero -shet, golf ball, golf ball, towel, marker, tee, score card, sunglasses, sunscreen, smartphone, tissue, band aid, etc.

In addition, the size of the Akero Shet is convenient when you want to take a break such as snacks and drinks.

The akeropo shet gift set is especially recommended for dads who like golf.



About sales at Daikanyama directly managed stores


In addition, at Daikanyama's directly managed store, you can purchase a set with coffee and dry prineapple for all products in the store + 1,628 yen (including tax).

Please come to the store. 


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