Introduction of the June issue of Akero Box

Konnichi. I'm Hashimoto, a store manager directly managed by RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.

How were you, how are you? In recent years, the weather is not stable, there are many rainy and cloudy days, and there are low pressure days, so I don't feel good ... (tears).

When the full -fledged rainy season begins, the days of depressing may continue, but I hope that you can change your mind and "love yourself" while accepting yourself.

The recent fun of Hashimoto is to watch the video of "pushing". (Japan's first confession!) Recently, I have a favorite K-POP idol group (commonly known as “recommended guru”), and when I see a video showing the performance and activities, my head becomes a flower garden. 。 I just forget the rain. (smile)

Let me say this because the story will be long ... supporting "pushing" will lead to my love.

By the way, RICCI EVERYDAY has an item that leads to self -love. Yes, Akero box. Today we will introduce the contents of the June issue of Akero Box.

The house time continues, and the rainy season is reached ... I want to be kind to myself because it is difficult to feel better. I think the Akero box can be used in such a case.

I would be grateful if you could face yourself a little, look at the outside world, and relax through the products delivered in the Akero box.

table of contents

  1. Introduction of the Akero box lineup
  2. About coffee / herbal tea
  3. About banana dried fruits
  4. "5+1 SENSES" June issue
  5. July calendar card
  6. Monthly gift
  7. At the end

1. Introduction of Achero Box lineup

First, the Akero Box is an original RICCI EVERYDAY regular flight (subscription), which is delivered to your home once a month.

Akero boxes have four types of lineups.

・ Akero Box (with African Plastic) Coffee Set ver./¥ 2,420

・ Akero Box (with African Plastic) Herbal Tea Set Ver./¥ 2,640


・ Akero Box Coffee Set Ver./¥ 1,980


・ Akero Box Herbal Tea Set Ver./¥2,200


* There is also a "trial service" where you can try the Akero box! It is the same content as a set with an African print.

The "African plastic lint" set offers a 30cm x 30cm African plint every month. The pattern is fun after it arrives. ( * A set that is not written as "with an African plint" does not have an African plint.)

You can also choose coffee or herbal tea in each set. Please choose a set with your favorite drink.

2. About coffee / herbal tea

Akero boxes have a coffee set or herbal tea set. We will introduce each drink.

2-1. About coffee

Coffee is a Citrin Caravan, a company that produces coffee based in Uganda. Uganda coffee is very rare that you can't usually meet!



Uganda producers are making coffee beans carefully. The scent is gorgeous and the taste is a little sweet.

In the past, a customer who liked coffee gave me this coffee, but he said that it was very delicious.

If you want to take a break, you may be relieved if you brew this coffee.

In summer, it is recommended to brew coffee in a dark eye, make it an ice cube, and pour milk because it can be an ice cafe au lait! Also, you can enjoy a different flavor from hot coffee.

2-2. About herbal tea

Herbal tea will deliver the original herbal tea of ​​a company named Nyura Konko, which produces herbal tea and shea butter based in Ghana.


N Yura Konko, like RICCI EVERYDAY, is one of the purposes of creating the employment of Ghana women.

This herbal tea is also made by Ghana women with all their hearts.

In this June issue, we will deliver lemongrass tea. This lemongrus tea is very easy to drink and has a clean taste. It is recommended to add honey or lemon to change the flavor again.

Herbal tea is recommended to drink when you want to refresh. The scent of the lemongrass will come to your nose, so it will be refreshing!


3. About banana dried fruits

The Akero box contains dried fruits from Uganda every month in every set!

This dried fruit is also produced by Citrin Caravan introduced earlier.


In the June issue, we will deliver Apple Banana dried fruits. Uganda is also famous for the production of bananas, but this Apple banana is more sweet and very delicious than ordinary bananas. Because it is a banana produced by organic cultivation, children can enjoy it with confidence.

By making this sweet apple banana into a dried fruit, the sweetness is further improved! Once you eat it, you won't stop! Please look forward to this too!

4. "5+1 SENSES" June issue

RICCI EVERYDAY Original booklet "5+1 Senses" is a booklet that can only be viewed by Akero Box Users.

We decide the theme every month and write the contents of the booklet according to the theme.


By the way, the origin of "5+1 SENSES" is that through the Akero box, the five senses (5) and the existence of everyone are combined (+1), so each of the six senses (5+1 Senses) There is a thought that it can be done.

(Actually, I thought about the name of this booklet while referring to the group names of various idols and the concept of the group name (laughs).

The theme of the June issue is "World Environmental Day".

June 5th is "World Environmental Day". This time, I made a special feature after this day. There are plenty of backgrounds before the establishment of "World Environmental Day" and women of Uganda's environmental activists!

In addition, "5+1 SENSES" introduces movies and book lists and music playlists according to the theme of every month.

This time, Staff T thought about the list. In particular, the sense of music on her playlist is noteworthy because it is good! The playlist is distributed by Spotify, so please read and listen to the Spotify code in the booklet.

I would like to read this booklet while drinking coffee and herbal tea, and if you think, "There is such a world." "There is such a topic."

5. July calendar card

We have delivered a RICCI EVERYDAY original calendar card from last month! In the June issue, there is a July calendar card.


The illustration of this calendar card is drawn by the creative staff II. The cute illustration is also like RICCI EVERYDAY, so you will want to collect it.

By the way, with the illustration of the calendar card delivered in the May issue and the illustrations of the calendar card delivered in the June issue, it will be one picture, with a surprise!

You can decorate not only as a calendar but also as a small painting. A calendar card that is perfect for your home or office desk.

6. Monthly gift

The Akero Box offers a fun gift every month!

This month's monthly gift is the African continent puzzle! ! (yay!!)


When I tried this puzzle, I found that it was surprisingly difficult. (smile)

It is a perfect item for home time! ! Recommended when you want to increase your concentration.

Please put it on Instagram when it is completed.

7. Finally

How was the introduction column in the June issue of Akero Box?

Once a month, if you have such a regular flight, your daily fun will increase. I hope we can continue to deliver an exciting experience.

In June, the rainy season is in the rainy season, so many people spend time at home. I hope you can color your time at home through the Akero box.

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