Introduction of mask case & I / mask


Hello everyone. I'm Takai, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.

Will the rainy season enter next week? The emergency declaration is not released, and not only the weather but also the feeling is not refreshing ...

By the way, this time, I would like to introduce a new RICCI EVERYDAY product that seems to blow away such a melancholy feeling!

The products introduced this time are "Mask Case" and "I / Mask".

The mask case is a popular product that is sold both in both stores and online stores.

1. Mask case

2. I. Mask

3. in conclusion

1. Mask case / ¥ 2,860 (tax included)



This is a new product "mask case".

In this era when the mask is still unable to let go, family, friends, lunch time alone, and storage of replacement masks for outing, business trips, traveling, etc. How about a print mask case?

In two folds, you can close the end with a snap button.


When opened, there is a pocket inside, where you can store the mask here.


The outside when it is opened is like this.



The pattern looks all over and the tension goes up!

The point of this mask case is that it is a colorful African print (it is natural because it is a RICCI EVERYDAY product ... lol)!

If this mask case comes out from Achero Back, it's so cute ...!

Also, in the coming season, I think that there will be more opportunities to have a transparent or large frontage, such as basket bags, bead bags, and clear bags. With this mask case, it is safe when you see the contents of the bag. Rather, if you see it from the outside, it will be an accent.

Another point I want to introduce is that it can be easily washed with cloth.

If you put in and out of the mask many times, you may be worried about dirt. In such a case, this mask case can be washed in a washing machine, so it is very convenient. It may be good to have some washed.

By the way, in addition to the mask, it seems good to use it as a case to put small items such as handkerchiefs and tissue.

Here are some color variations of the mask case!


In addition to the popular big eye, holohoro, high -life, etc., there are still many variations in the online store.New itemmosquitoAccessoryPlease see from the page.

2. I. Mask (I / Mask) / ¥ 2,640 (tax included)



A mask that has become an essential item for our life today.

Why don't you enjoy fashion with a colorful and playful mask of RICCI EVERYDAY?

Since its release, I / Mask, which has been very popular, is back in stock!

This i / maskBecause it is a three -dimensional design, it can be used to breathe and use it comfortably because it fits the face properly while fitting the face properly.

In addition, there are two types of strings on the ears: African plastic strings and rubber strings.


African plastic strings gorgeously around the face.

You can use it properly according to the occasion.


If you attach a colorful mask, your mood and expression will be brighter.I'm sorry. African plastic strings are also accented and wonderful.

It is a mask that can be used with the feeling of attaching fashion items such as accessories.

Now, I would like to introduce some color variations.


In addition, many colorful patterns are available in the online store.

In addition, if you purchase 3 or more points here, it will be*10 % off. How about washing and family?

pleaseHerePlease see the online store.

*If you put 3 or more carts, 10%off will be automatically reflected. Applies only to the mask.

And I. Masks have been well received by male customers.

RICCI EVERYDAY offers a gift box for I, masks, coffee, and dry printing as Father's Day gifts.

therePlease check it out.

3. in conclusion

How was it?

Last but not least, I think it's cute and nice to use a mask case and an I / mask as shown in the picture.


Match the lining and the color of the mask pattern, and enjoy the combination of the mask case pattern and the pattern of the mask ...

You will be excited just by thinking!

Why don't you spend a mask life that is likely to continue with RICCI EVERYDAY products a little bright and positively?

Look at the product