Make your online store more comfortable! The product list page is ready


hello. I'm Sasaki, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL. It was in June in no time. June is the rainy season. Moreover, there are no days of holidays, and I feel a little depressed (laughs). However, in such a case, I want to improve my mood by incorporating colorful items into the coordinates and listening to my favorite music.

By the way, this time, I will introduce the new product list page for the online store.

《What is the product list page? 》

As the name suggests, it is a page where you can compare RICCI EVERYDAY products with images at once. The online store has 74 kinds of products and for a limited time. While there were various products, I could enjoy it, but I heard that I could not choose.

So, while comparing various products, this page was created so that you could find your favorite products.

《How to look at the product list page (mobile)》

First, click the three -line menu button in the upper left from the online atop page.

Click the "See Product List" button from the PRODUCT tab


Click on the screen with the photo of the product as shown below.

Once again, it is surprising that there was such a product!

"Product list page"

Here are some private recommended points.

① You can see the size development at a glance!

Even if it is the same product, the size development differs depending on the product with 4 sizes and 3 sizes for Mia pouch.

It is a specification that allows you to quickly find the size that matches your purpose.

In addition, since the clicked product is displayed on a new tab, it is convenient when you want to compare the size and the pattern.

② You can see products by category

In addition to knowing the product design at a glance, the category is divided, such as "bag", "accessories", "pouch", "interior items", so you can find products at a glance.

③ It's fun just looking at it!

Even if you don't have a shopping purpose, you can enjoy just looking at this page. As an aside, I've always been watching this page when I'm free.

Please look at the colorful items and improve your mood.

How was it?

In addition, limited -time products that are not listed on the product list page may be introduced online stores. In that case, we will introduce products sold on SNS and e -mail magazines, so please check them out!

The product list pageHere

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