Introducing the new product "Acheroyoko"

Hello everyone. I'm Takai, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.

It's getting very hot and humid lately. Is it time for a full -fledged rainy season soon ... Let's proceed with rain measures and heat stroke measures now!

By the way, today is the introduction of new RICCI EVERYDAY products.

It is "Akeroyoko", a long -awaited horizontal design! !

Akello Yoko / ¥ 13,200 (tax included)

Then, I would like to introduce in detail below.

1. specification

2. Feeling of use

3. Color variations

Four. Meaning of "Akero"

Five. in conclusion

1. specification

The feature of Acheroyoko is that it is a horizontal type.

One of the Akero series, an icon of RICCI EVERYDAY, is like an increase in the Akero Shet.

Akello Bag 4WAYAnd like medium Akero, it has a pouch with the same pattern as the bag, so you can use it as a bag -in -bag.



Of course, like other Achero bags, there is also a bottom plate and a shoulder strap that can be used for shoulder and diagonal hanging.

Tote shoulder, clutch, handbags can be held. Please use it properly according to the occasion and coordination.

The capacity is about the same as medium Achero, but the width is longer than the previous Akero series, so you can put A4 size documents sideways.


In addition, the length of the vertical width is short, so it is easy to put in and out of items in the bag.

I guess many people put too many things in large -capacity Akero bags (I'm ...), but it's a particularly nice point for such people.

In addition, this Akeroyoko can also be used as a PC bag.

Now that remote work is becoming more common, some people may work not only at home but also at nearby cafes.

Akeroyoko is a perfect size and shape to go out with small items such as a computer, wallet and mobile phone.

2. Feeling of use


If you hold Achiro Yoko in your hand, it looks like this.

The width is about 4 way of Achero bags, and the vertical width is about the same as medium Akero.

It's a bit different from other akero bags, and you can see that the bottom ears are outward and the gusset is thin.

Also, the position of the metal fittings to attach the shoulder strap is

It's not just right, but in a slightly shifted place ...! The opposite side is attached to the tie of the diagonal line (will it be transmitted? Sweat).


When you attach a shoulder strap, this will do a very good job!

If you hold it as a tote bag, it looks like this.


If you hold it as a shoulder bag, it looks like this.


See the mouth of the bag.

By shifting the position of the shoulder strap, the shape of the mouth of the bag has been kept clean.

Also, by shifting the position of the shoulder strap and diluting the gusset, it became easier to fit the body when holding it as a shoulder bag. It can be used casually like a body bag.

Because it is a horizontal shape, it may be easy to balance coordination.

If you want to have an Akero bag as a shoulder bag, Akeroyoko is especially recommended.

If you remove the shoulder strap and remove the bottom plate, you can use it as a clutch bag.


It's fashionable ...! !

You can enjoy either the snap button at the bottom or not.

If you hold it as a clutch bag without stopping the snap button as shown in the photo, it will feel rough.

In addition, I think that it is perfect for men because it can be held more casually and roughly.

3. Color variations

Here are some of the color variations you are looking forward to!

In addition to the classic patterns already shown above, many colors and patterns are available.


What do you think? Did you find your favorite pattern?

There are also patterns other than what you have shown here, so please by all meansHerePlease see from.

In addition, we sell at stores, so I would like to see them directly! Please come.

Four. Meaning of "Akero"

As you may already know, I would like to introduce the meaning of Akero bag, an icon of RICCI EVERYDAY.

"Akero" is a word that means "carry good luck" in Uganda.

As the name suggests, the Akero bag is such a bag that makes you feel better just by holding it!

Five. in conclusion

How was the introduction of the new product "Akeroyoko"?

How about "Akeroyoko" as your "My First Akello", as "Second Akello" who has already used the Akero series?

Then, look forward to the next new product introduction!

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