Information on cloth Marche


Hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto, the store staff directly managed by RICCI EVERYDAY THE HIL.

How are you spending? It's getting hotter and getting closer, and it's getting closer to summer. What kind of summer will this summer will be ...!

By the way, today, we will introduce the cloth Marche that starts at the online store and Daikanyama directly managed store from June 18 (Fri)!

Last time, the cloth Marche went in March. Thanks to you, many customers enjoyed it, and there was also a hot voice saying, "I want you to hold a cloth Marche again!" In response to the encore from customers, it has been decided to hold a cloth Marche from June 18 (Fri) to August 1 (Sun)! (Wow !!) Please look forward to it!

Now, we will introduce the lineup to be sold at this cloth Marche.

table of contents

1. African plastic fabric

2. Hagirre set

3. Fabric handmade kit

3-1. Uchiwa kit

3-2. Animal Mask Kit

3-3. Fabric panel kit

3-4. Fabric notes kit

Four. At the end

1. African plastic fabric / 50cm: ¥ 1,375 (tax included)

The most popular African plastic fabric in cloth Marche! Last time, many customers also purchased cloth. There are many dexterous people, such as "I will make a skirt!" "I plan to make a hat." "I want to make it a tablecloth."

The staff doesn't think the fabric is so popular ... (laughs), so this time we prepared a lot of fabrics. There are popular patterns to new patterns, so please look forward to it!


The fabric is sold in 50cm long. ( * The width is 120㎝)

The online store is sold in a 50cm long. For example, if you want to purchase 1m, the purchase number is "2".

I think it is better to decide the length according to what you make and use.

Please share it on SNS etc. when completed. We are looking forward to it!

2. Hagi Lille Set (Limited Store managed by Daikanyama)/ ¥ 1,320 (tax included)

This hagirle set was also popular last time, so we will sell it at this cloth Marche. The hagirle set is a set of 10 pieces of 20cm x 20cm fabric. All fabrics are different patterns.


There are many ways to use the fabric for accessories, put it in a letter, put the fabric as it is and decorate it. Some customers said, "It's exciting just to collect and store!" It's fun to collect cute and favorite things ...

3. Fabric handmade kit

And this handmade kit will be sold this time. All of them are easy to make, and it's a simple kit that just puts a hagire. Please put the hagire freely.

The lineup is as follows.

3-1. Uchiwa kit / ¥ 1,650 (tax included) ( * Daikanyama direct store limited store)

In the past, we still decorate the fans created at a workshop at Daikanyama -managed stores, but we often have customers say, "African plint, it's good." We decided to sell it!


Summer will come in the future, so please make a fan of African plastic and cool. When you use a yukata, it's also smart to put it on the obi! !

3-2. Animal Mask Kit / ¥ 2,530 (tax included) ( * Limited store managed by Daikanyama)

This is also a popular handmade kit, and it is a kit where you can put a hagire on the animal mask. The mask is an animal mask that lives in Africa, such as elephants, cows, and gorillas.


If you put a hagire on this mask, it will be a very colorful animal. Once completed, please decorate it on the wall of your house. The room will be bright at once.

3-3. Fabric panel kit / ¥ 3,080 (tax included)

The fabric panel is a kit where you can put a hagire on a white canvas. This is also an interior item, so if you decorate it on a wall or shelf, the impression of the room will change.


It is good to put one hagire and put a finely cut hagire. It may be cute to draw a picture on the canvas and put a hagire on it!

3-4. Fabric Note Kit / ¥ 2,530 (tax included)

Why don't you use African plastic notes that are often used in various situations and colorful?



You can put a hagire on the cover and spine of the notebook to create your own original notebook. Even if you put it in a bag, it is colorful and easy to find (laughs).

Four. At the end

What did you think. In this cloth Marche, we offer many African plastic products. I hope you enjoy it. When the work is completed, please share it on SNS. We are looking forward to our staff!

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