Points of how to select Akero bags

hello. I'm Sasaki, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (Daikanyama -direct store). In the Kanto region, the rainy season has finally entered, and it is finally the season when the hydrangea and the weather match. The hydrangea found in the city is beautiful and a little healing.

What is your way to enjoy the rainy season?

By the way, this time, I will introduce how to select Achero bags. The other day, "Akeroyoko" has joined the Akero series! However, the number of types has increased and I don't know how to choose it ...

I hope it will be helpful for such people.

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0. Akero series lineup

1. How much is the bag capacity?

2. How to choose

3. Finally

0. Akero series lineup

Akero bag, an icon of RICCI EVERYDAY. It has been sold since the brand was founded and has become a bag loved by many people. Such an Akero series in total!

①Akello Bag 4WAY

② Acheroyoko

③ MediumAkello

④ Mini -kero

⑤ Akero Shet

All five types have straps and bottom plates. In addition, the bag of ① to ③ also comes with a porch with the same pattern as the bag. You can feel a little better! (smile)

1. How much is the bag capacity?

I will introduce how much you can get in each Achero bag.

①Akello Bag 4WAY

Laporon PC, A4 notebook, notepad, pen case, wallet, mobile, key case, pouch, my bottle, folding umbrella, handkerchief

Akello Bag 4WAYIs the largest size in the Achero series. It can also be used for commuting work and school schools.

Of course, this size is also recommended for those who have a lot of luggage when going out. In addition, some people choose this size because they can be enjoyed as a clutch bag when luggage is small.

② Acheroyoko

Laporet PC, A4 notebook, notepad, pen case, wallet, mobile, key case, pouch, my bottle (small), folding umbrella, handkerchief

Akeroyoko is characterized by a thinner type than a vertical Akero bag. It is recommended for those who carry notes and PCs, but not so much luggage. Also, since it is horizontal, it is a nice point that you can put your luggage in and out quickly.

③ MediumAkello

Laptop PC, notepad, pen case, wallet, mobile, key case, pouch, my bottle, folding umbrella, handkerchief

Medium Achero is also a bag that supports A4 size. However, if you want to put A4 size, it is a little handle, so it is recommended that you use it as a tote or shoulder bag with the attached strap.

④ Mini -kero

Tablet, notepad, pen case, wallet, mobile, key case, pouch, my bottle, folding umbrella, handkerchief

The mini -kero is a 500ml water bottle and folding umbrella, so it is active in the season when the weather is likely to change! You can also use it when you want to work a little at a cafe because a tablet and a notebook will be included.

⑤ Akero Shet

Notepad, pen case, wallet, mobile phone, key case, pouch, my bottle (small), handkerchief

It is just the right size to put valuables as a shopping or travel bag.

If you put a lip, pen, key, etc. in the inner pocket, it is convenient to take it out quickly when you need it.

However, it is recommended for those who do not want to carry too much luggage and those who have a small luggage. If you put a lot of things, the magnet button will not stay, so if you are worried that the mouth of the bag is empty, we recommend mini -kero!

2. Points of how to choose -Achero bag 4WAY, Acheroyoko, Medium Akero-

Akello Bag 4WAYAnd the luggage that enters Acheroyoko and Medium Akero does not change much. If you get lost, consider one of the following three points.

(1) How to hold

All of them have A4 size, but in the case of Medium Akero, it will be on the handle when the A4 size documents are inserted, so if you want to hold it in a handbag, Akero 4WAY or Akeroyoko is better.

(2) Weight

Akello Bag 4WAYAnd medium akero is a vertical bag, so if you put your luggage, you may feel heavy. On the other hand, the horizontal Acheroyoko is a vertical type.Akello Bag 4WAYAnd mediumAkelloSince the weight is distributed sideways, this may be better for those who are worried about stiff shoulders!

(3) Body type

If you are small or tall, I think that medium akero can be more balanced than Achero bags 4WAY.

For your reference, this photo is a size comparison when you have a handbag.



The left is a medium akero, and the right is Achero bag 4WAY. (Model height: 160㎝)

Please choose depending on the size of the appearance.

3. Finally

How was it? This time, I introduced how to select an Akero bag focusing on the capacity of the bag, but there are other ways to choose from applications, patterns, and colors.

May you meet your favorite points according to your customer's preference and lifestyle☺

If you have any questions or concerns about choosing a product, please feel free to consult SNS or store staff!

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