Introducing the storage technique of Achero bags!


hello. I'm Sasaki, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY. Six months have passed in 2021 in no time. How did you spend the first half of the year?

By the way, this column is an introduction to the storage technique of Achero bags, with a voice from the customer.

We would like to introduce three examples with the cooperation of our customers. Please refer to it!

  1. Customers ① Like Matryoshka

Customers who store small -sized bags in order from Achero bag 4WAY like Matryoshka.


Not only can it be stored compactly, but it also prevents the size of the large size Achero bag 4WAY and medium Akero.



It's exciting to see the pattern glance in this way!

As an aside, I have been practicing this storage method since I was told (laughs)

2. Customer ② "House de The Mini Hill"

Customers who store bags and accessories other than Akero bags together.



Inspired by Daikanyama's directly managed store, he enjoyed it as an art and object.

In addition, it seems that a relaxing space is created by displaying with the accessories.



Bags and accessories are put on each shelf.



This is stored with Akero Shet, eco, Ⅰ / mask, etc.



It is a corner filled with paper beads, Mochet, Kiki Ribbon bags, and Uganda craftsmanship skills.



This sliding door is a PC case, wallet bag.



Here are mini -kero, medium -akero, Akero bag 4WAY, and fruit black -shaped baskets. Just like a shop ...!

The decorative storage using the display shelf was told that you can feel the feeling of going to Daikanyama's directly managed store while you are in your room.

In addition, it seems that the brand catalog, the original booklet "5 + 1 Senses", and the shopping bag are decorated to improve.

It's a great pleasure to decorate not only in the coordination, but also like a work of art. I was also excited.

3. Customer ③ Display storage

This customer is also a customer who has a display on the stairs with an Akero bag.



If you use a step, you can see each pattern of the bag and it is fashionable. In addition, it is convenient because it can be taken out when you want to use it.



How was it?

Whether you have multiple items or have one item, please refer to it when storing with other bags you have!

Also, if you have a column or SNS, "I want you to introduce this!", Please feel free to contact us.

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