Introduction of the July issue of Akero Box


Hello everyone! I'm Hashimoto, a store manager directly managed by RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL. How are you spending?

The weather is so nice that you don't think you've entered the rainy season, or is it in the rainy season? ? I'm doubtful, but when will it be the end of the rainy season?

By the way, this time we will introduce the contents of the monthly Akero box! This time, we will introduce the July issue.

1. "5 + 1senses" July issue

2. Dried fruit

3. Drink

3-1. Uganda coffee

3-2. Ghana butterfly pity

Four. Calendar card

Five. Monthly gift

6. At the end

1. "5 + 1 SENSES" July issue

The theme of the July issue of the RICCI EVERYDAY original booklet "5+1 Senses" is all! It is "International Nelson Mandela Day".


Every year, July 18 is said to be "International Nelson Mandela DAY" by the United Nations. Nelson Mandela, a politician known as a South African hero. He has been active in his life to eliminate the apartheid policy.

By the way, in South Africa, International Nelson Mandela DAY is customary to do 67 minutes in his 67 -year political activity.

In the July issue, there are plenty of plenty of the impressions of Nelson Mandela, who asked Uganda Studio Staff about Nelson Mandela, after the International Nelson Mandela DAY. It is the content.

Movie & Book List and Play List, which you enjoy every month, allows you to enjoy Nelson Mandela DAY. Following the last month's issue, Staff T has made a wonderful choice! !

Play List is also distributed in Spotify, so please listen to it.

2. Dried fruit

This month's dried fruit is a dried fruit from Citrin Caravan's Uganda Pineapple.


Speaking of Uganda's fruit, pineapple! Please enjoy Ama Amai Pineapple.

By the way, Hashimoto liked this pineapple dried fruit too much and ate one bag at once (laughs).

It's so delicious, so please try it!

It is a dried fruit that is gentle on the body because it uses organic pineapple and does not use sugar.

Citrin Caravan's dried fruit is the last in the July issue. If you don't eat it yet, don't miss it!

3. Drink

You can choose coffee or herbal tea for drinks. There are coffee sets and herbal tea sets, so please choose a set that contains your favorite drink.

3-1. Uganda coffee

This month's coffee is Citrin Caravan's "The Susumu of the Volcanic God".


Uganda coffee is a very rare coffee that you can't easily meet! The scent is gorgeous and has a different flavor from other African coffee.

Because it is summer, it may be a good idea to drip it into dark eyes and add a lot of ice to make iced coffee.

I prefer plenty of milk there.

Please enjoy Uganda coffee in summer! !

3-2. Ghana butterfly pity

This month's herbal tea is a butterfly pity from Ghana!


It is a butterfly pity by n -yura konko (Nyura Konko) aimed at creating the employment of Ghana women.

We delivered a butterfly pity set in the May issue, but it was very popular, so we decided to deliver it in the July issue.

This herbal tea is characterized by blue colors. It is a herbal tea that is "fun to see" as it is called "magic herbal tea".

If you add lemon juice, it will change from blue to beautiful purple!

The taste is refreshing and it is a perfect herbal tea for summer.

Also, it can be used for free study for children's summer vacation! (Laughs) Please try it out.

Four. Calendar card

A calendar card designed by Staff I, who is in charge of photos and creatives of RICCI EVERYDAY. In the July issue, we will deliver a calendar for August.

Click here for this month's illustration.

The dog drawn here seems to be modeled on the beagle dog, Roku -chan, which is kept in Japan by the representative Nakamoto.

Uganda Kobo Dog Hime -chan is familiar, but in fact there are dogs in Japan! (smile)

When combined with the illustration drawn on the September calendar card delivered in the August issue, it will be one illustration.

Please collect and enjoy the cards!

Five. Monthly gift

The monthly fun and monthly gift will be a handmade kit of a scrapbook that sets African plinting Hagile! !


After the cloth Marche, which is held from June 18 to August 1, Akero Box has a monthly gift with the theme of African plastic fabric!

This is a set that allows you to cut and paste the attached hagire (10cm x 10cm 3 sheets) in a scrapbook that can be used as an album, collage, and notebook.

As shown in the photo, you can put the African plastic fabric on the cover, or even if you put the illustration part of the calendar card, it will be cute.

In addition, there are various ways to use it as an album or use it as a notebook!

Please enjoy this kit.

6. At the end

How was the Akero box in the July issue? I hope you will be able to color your life through the Akero box in July.

( * The July issue will be released from July 1st.)

Please enjoy it!

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