Introduction of suite

Hello everyone. I'm Takai, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.

Recently, it has been raining, and it has finally become like the rainy season. It seems that it will be depressed to the mood if it is cloudy or rain, but I would like to enjoy something that can only be felt in this season, such as the sound of rain and the moist air.

By the way, today is the introduction of new items from the online store.

The products introduced this time are "Sugeto", which has a reputation for being orthodox and easy to use!


A bag featuring a combination of African plint, denim and leather.

The suite table is two sizes of L and S.

I would like to introduce specifications and color variations in each item.

1. Sweet table L

2. Sweetote S

3. in conclusion

1. Sweet table L / ¥ 13,200 (tax included)




Suzie Tote LargeAfter all, it will be attractive because you can put plenty of luggage.

The width is 48 mm, the height is 31㎝, and the gusset is 19㎝, so it is quite large!


You can go on a trip with one bag!

There are plenty of pockets outside and inside the bag, so you can clean up your luggage.


It is very convenient to have a pocket on both the outside and inside (the inside on both sides!).

The point is that the mouth of the bag is large and it is easy to put in and out of things. And I'm glad that the mouth has a button and the mouth is closed.

In addition, the leather of the handle is sewn by Uganda craftsmen one by one.


The more you use it, the more you can enjoy the flavor of the leather that will fit your hands.

Suzie Tote LargeDid you understand the characteristics of?

A lot of bags are perfect for this time when luggage tends to increase, such as folding umbrellas, my bottles, and the chilly jacket.

Documents, textbooks, personal computers, etc. fit clearly, so they can be used in various scenes, such as commuting and schooling, changing clothes and towels, so when going to gyms and yoga.

In addition, it is recommended for travel because the luggage for one night and two days can be used with plenty of time.

It may be a bit difficult to go out at this time, but how about a new vacation, such as working and staying at a hotel stay?

It is a suite table L with a large capacity size that can open anything and put anything on it, but some people may say, "Large bags are messed up because the inside is messed up ..."

For such a personAkello PochetteorMia Pouch LIt is recommended to put it in your bag and use it!

Why don't you combine your favorite pattern?

·Color variations

Then, I would like to show you a little color variation of the product that will arrive this time.


Did you have a pattern you want?

In addition to this, there are still many variations, so by all meansNew itemmosquitotote bagPlease see from the page.

2. Sweet table S / ¥ 10,450 (tax included)




This is 34 cm wide, 27 mm high, and gusset 14㎝, which is smaller than the suji nap, and is characterized by a convenient size when you go out everyday.



The pockets are on the outside and inside like the suite table L! (happy!)


The mouth of the bag can be closed with a button.

This suite table S is the perfect size to put things you usually carry, such as folding umbrellas, my bottles, books, and tablets.

For lunch and cafes, shopping or a little outing, it is a size and design that is easy to use, so if you have one, you will definitely be a big success!

Suzie Tote Mini,Cosmetic Pouch SorCube pouchMulti -caseIt is also recommended to combine.

The inside of the bag is refreshing and colorful.

·Color variations

Sorry to keep you waiting!

I would like to introduce some of the color variations of the susuite S in stock this time.


Here too, there is still a variety of online stores.New itemmosquitotote bagPlease take a look from the page.

3. in conclusion

How was the introduction of the suite table?

Sweetouts are popular products of Daikanyama's directly managed stores because of their easy -to -use appearance and shape, both L size and S size.

The combination of African plint x denim x leather is also fashionable.

Please check it out on this occasion!

Then, look forward to the next new product introduction!

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