Featured material to replace leather! ? Introduction of sustainable material, Berkross.♪

Hello. I'm Oda from RICCI EVERYDAY.

Happy new year

The really cold day continues. I want to overcome the harsh cold while desperately saying that spring will come if I get over the cold of January and February.

What kind of measures do you overcome the winter?

By the way, this time, we will introduce "Berk Cross", which is also called the next generation of leather in the industry.♪

Berk Cross is a traditional use of craftsmen, which was traditionally used in Uganda.

How is it made?

  1. What is Berk Cross?
  2. The process of making Berk Cross
  3. Products using Berk Cross
  4. lastly

  1. What is Berk Cross?

Berk Cross is a material made from a fabric that is thinly stretched like a cloth.


The craftsmen carefully peeled off the tree, boiled the skin, and extended the thin with a hammer, are also registered as a World Intangible heritage.

Here's a small story, it was confirmed that Berk Cross was used in Uganda, which was quite old in the 12th century and became a traditional material.

It was a story before cotton spreading in Uganda, and in Uganda it was commonly used as a cloth cloth.

It is also called "the oldest cloth in mankind".

The feel of Berk Cross is characteristic, like a wooden skin.

We also provide an hands -on booklet that can actually touch the Berk Cross, so please check it out once.

Trial campaign -Berk Cross-Herefrom

Next, let's look at the process of creating Berk Cross!

  1. The process of making Berk Cross

Berk Cross is made by craftsmen from Mutuba trees, and is used to prevent the trunk from damaging the trunk when it is turned off.


Even if the bark cross is peeled to make a bark cross, it seems that a sturdy skin will be regenerated on the surface of the wood in about a year if it is properly processed.

It is a sustainable material that you can not help but feel the mystery of nature.


This is the craftsman's studio. Here, the bark cross peeled off from the tree is processed.


Berk cross, which is thinly stretched with a hammer, place a stone around and dry well in the sun.

By changing the drying time or performing mud dyeing that uses local mud, it can be dyed in various colors such as brown, black and white.


RICCI EVERYDAY's official Instagram has published the process of making Berkross, so please feel the skills of Uganda craftsmen!

The video isHere

  1. Products using Berk Cross

RICCI EVERYDAY has released several products using Berkross.

Among them, we will introduce two types of products released on Friday, January 13th today.♪

① RICCI EVERYDAY Berk Closto (¥ 11,000 including tax)

It is a bag with a white collar with a pretty character printed with "RICCI EVERYDAY" and a good size for going out.



The handle is made of cowhide, and both leather and bark cross are crystals of Uganda craftsmen.


Because it has more storage capacity than it looks, tumblers and folding umbrellas can be put in.♪



It is a feeling of size that can fit even if it is long!

Please check it out at the online store.♪

The link isHere

② Akerobacross (¥ 15,400 tax included)

A new pattern appeared from Akerobakross, which was first appeared in November last year and was very popular.♪


The outside of the bag uses a bark cross, which makes it easy to use in everyday life and work.

However, the contents use colorful African plints, and you can feel better just by looking!


It is a bag that can be used not only for work but also in private places.

There are 4 lining of Akerobakross released today, so please check it out at this online store.♪

The link isHere

Four. lastly

How was it?

For this product, you can purchase it at the RICCI EVERYDAY online store, RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom.

In the showroom, you can actually experience the feel of Berk Cross♪

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