New items for the new year! Staff recommended new item list

Happy New Year, everyone!

It is Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY, the first column to write in 2023.

How did you spend the year -end and New Year holidays? I was completely sleeping New Year (laughs)

What kind of year is 2023? I also think that many people have considered their aspirations and goals. I thought about "50 things I want to do in 2023" instead of aspirations or goals (laughs)

One of them is "New wallet".

If anyone thinks "I want to do something new", this is destined!

Today we will deliver a new 2023 new column! (Pachu Pachi)

Please have a look.

table of contents

1. Beautiful leather and beautiful 2023! ? Naroho bag

2. Because it is a PC that you always use, let's protect it. File PC case

3. Eco bags that you use every day are colorful!

Four. Switch ON/OFF with lunch tote!

Five. last

1. Beautiful leather and beautiful 2023! ? Naroho bag


Become a classic leather item of RICCI EVERYDAYNaroho bag

Although it is a classic -like bag, the height of leather and cowhorn makes the bag higher.


Inside the bag, African plint. I am applying an African plint with the meaning of "I have an inner passion in myself."


Naroho bags that can be used in any situation, commuting, going out, and any situations.

The place where you want to use beautiful things because it is a frequent bag.

If you wear it, you will feel like your back is stretched.

In 2023, let's stretch your back, along with the Naroho bag.

2. Because it is a PC that you always use, let's protect it. File PC case

Remote work has become widespread, and PCs are used not only in offices but also at home and cafes, and have become a necessity to carry every day.


Because I want to use my PC carefullyFile PC caseLet's protect it!

There is a pocket outside the file PC, so you can carry a pen and documents together.


If you use it in the office, it will surely stand out. It may also be a chance to talk to colleagues, bosses, and subordinates♪

File PC is sold until March 2023, so don't miss it!

3. Eco bags that you use every day are colorful!

Eco bags are also a necessity for life.

Use almost every dayEcoIt may be good to be new ...!


I want to make it fashionable because it's eco -friendly to bring it to various places.

Looking at someone who has a stylish eco -friendly eco, "What a cool♪Is it only me who thinks? (Laughs)


This eco can be washed in a washing machine, so it is also a point that you can keep using it neatly.

It's the most popular item on RICCI Everyday, so don't miss it!

  1. Switch ON/OFF with lunch tote!

When I work or do housework, I tend to think, "I don't need lunch."


If you keep moving, you will get tired somewhere.

Lunch break is RICCI EVERYDAYLunch toteLet's put lunch in and take a rest!


Lunch tote with colorful African plint♪If you have a habit of "resting if you have this," you may be better at switching.

Let's be good at switching in 2023♪

Five. last

What did you think? I want to make a bright year like African plint in 2023 ... no!

African plint may help you "you want to be"♪

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