A website was reopened on 8/26 Wednesday

Thank you for always favoring RICCI EVERYDAY.

It is Chizu Nakamoto of the RICCI EVERYDAY representative.

RICCI EVERYDAY had August 26, 2020 today and reached the establishment of a business fifth anniversary.

Because it reopened an official web site with it, I report it to all of you.

I prepared for various contents including the way of thinking of the state of the message which we wanted to tell all of you about through RICCI EVERYDAY and the studio of Uganda and the manufacturing. I am happy if you can read it by all means.

From September 1, online again on this website; come to be able to do shopping. With the latest information of RICCI EVERYDAY, I will send a new product every Friday.

The online store of this website is going to open at 12:00 on Tuesday, September 1.

※The shopping until Monday, August 31,Current online storePlease use をご.

※The shopping in the online store is not available until from 0:00 to 11:59 a.m. on Tuesday, September 1. As causing you inconvenience, but understanding cooperating thank you for your cooperation.

I will make an effort in future to be able to enjoy shopping while being excited more by offering the product using the African print and new service to all of you.

I wait for the use of many visitors heartily.

Sequentially thank you for your cooperation.



Chizu Nakamoto

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