[Event Report] Product Development Conference & "Afu Chizumoto" Publishing Commemorative Talk Event was held!

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The swelling heat continues every day, but how are you all?Are you sick?When I notice, my throat is crisp, so I try to hydrate well.Please spend your time without overdoing it!

By the way, in this column, I will tell you about the two events held at the RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom in June with photos.

I hope you can read it slowly while cooling in a cooler room.

1. Great excitement! Product development meeting

2. Back stories ... "Ahu Chizu book" Publishing commemorative talk event

3. in conclusion

1. Great excitement! Product development meeting

Product development meeting held on Saturday, June 3rd.

It is a popular event where customers are repeated discussions and create new RICCI EVERYDAY products.

The theme of this product development meeting is "Pouch".

From the customer's point of view, we had you think of a more convenient pouch!

We will talk to the details while referring to existing products.

Various opinions came out, and the event was very exciting!

Participants said that they were able to feel more familiar with RICCI EVERYDAY products.

A sample is currently being made in Uganda based on the design considered in this product development meeting! This sample will take this sample back to Japan, and at the 2nd product development meeting scheduled to be held in August, the design will be brushed up, and it will be released as a new product in the fall.

Expect what kind of porch will be completed!

2. Back stories ... "Ahu Chizu book" Publishing commemorative talk event

On June 17 (Saturday), a talk event was held to commemorate the publication of "Ahu Chizuhon", which is based on the half -life of the representative, Nakamoto Chizu, and the book "Africa, Bag Company," The Road of the Loss of the Drops "(Eri Eguchi, Eri Eguchi, Sa -E -Bae Shobo).

At the event, we invited the author Eri Eguchi to enjoy the background and behind the story with the representative, Chiizu Nakamoto.

(The state isEguchi's noteBut I would like to introduce it in detail. Please take a look at this. )

The homely talk event while dialogue with the participating customers was very satisfying.

From the customer

"It was a wonderful time to hear the process up to publishing."

"I wanted to go to Uganda"

"I got well with the power of African Campus and Chitsu -san."

"I was grateful that I met Eguchi."

I received many nice impressions.

This book, "In Africa, started a bag company," The Road Lots of Dominator "Nakamoto Chitsu's Going Road has been a considerable response since the online store started making a reservation. If you haven't picked it yet, please check it out. →Here

Also, if you read a book, please let us know your impressions on SNS! In that case, please attach a hashtag called "#Ahu Chizumoto" ~♪

3. in conclusion

How was it?

Kagurazaka Showroom holds an event every month. The details of the event will be released in columns, so please look forward to the next event!

(Souvenir Animaldor distributed to the event participants. It was purchased directly by the representative, Nakamoto in Uganda.♪)

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