Uganda rare / case book

Hello, this is Washida of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Everyone, it's been a long time! How is the summer production is getting closer to you?

How Washida is now in Uganda lol

It's been a week since I came to Uganda, receiving a message from my friends, "Where are you now?"

By the way, I heard Uganda, what kind of column is! ? Someone was interested? I would like to write an interesting incident that I experienced in Uganda while expecting.

I'm glad if you read it even during the gap time!

1. 0 yen incident

2. I will get married! ? Case

3. Bonus yogurt case

Four. For those who read to the end

1. 0 yen incident

This was quite afraid.

After arriving in Uganda, my disliked immigration was spending a few days without any incident, and I was able to spend a few days without any problems.

Suddenly, "The hotel fee, will you pay now?"

And from the hotel ...

Moreover, "in cash"

I got bloody at once ... I don't have that cash so much. That's right.

I thought that the hotel fee could be used with a credit card.

I realized that I was used to cashless payments such as credit cards.

Come on. What to do Washida.

I was able to pay for the hotel with my cash, but that would remain about 20,000 Uganda shilling, that is, about 800 yen in Japanese yen.

As expected, I can't live for 3 weeks for 800 yen. I want Uganda's craft and accessories ...

I was a card that I couldn't withdraw cash at ATM, so I can't get cash anyway.

So, I got an international remittance, but I sent a Uganda shilling where I had to send it on a US dollar (I was too excited about myself), and even though I was transferred to me. The hotel side said, "Not sent."

Also, my face is bloody ...

I spent a few days where my 70,000 yen was on the earth and where I could not live.

The Cassaba I ate at that time tasted a little salty (it is usually such a taste)

It was such Washida, but today I had the hotel tell me, "I received it."

When you go abroad, we recommend that you check the hotel fee and then take an airplane. (That's natural ... Tohoho)

2. I will get married! ? Case

One day when I went to rice with RICCI EVERYDAY representative, Chitsu.

When the rice was over, and when I was talking about it, a man suddenly put out a notebook on our table. And without saying anything ...

While they couldn't read the situation with "eh," Chiizu opened the paper out of paper ...

Handwritten "I Love You So Much", "I Crash ON YOU", etc.

I was picked up for the first time in my life. Lol in Uganda

Paying the rice, waiting for a taxi to go home, that man ...!

The man asked us about our reactions, "What is it!?"

No, I was confused that I didn't know you ... As expected, it is Chitsu. You can rely on it ...!

Then, this time, "Do you have a brother?"

Anyone was fine and like.

What was he looking for? Is it a wife or money?

3. Bonus yogurt case

At the hotel where I stay, I have breakfast buffet every morning, one of which is yogurt.

The taste is also slightly different every day, such as strawberry and mixed berries, and it is also fun every morning.

What a lemon biscuit taste today!

This was a good accent without biscuits biscuits and the sourness of the lemon.

The challenge is the challenge of peeling the yogurt lid neatly and well.

I usually can't peel off it at all lol

This is already art ... lol

Rather, pink is already on the pink of the paint ...

It worked only on this day! Pichi Pichi!

Four. For those who read to the end

There was something I wanted to write, and it was long. Did you enjoy my rare cases?

There are a lot of things to come to Uganda and see with your own eyes and see the people who live in Uganda. I hope that it will be written again someday.

Uganda and Africa may be a bit far from you, but I'm very happy if you can connect through RICCI EVERYDAY products and columns!

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