Staff introduction Vol.22

Hello, this is Ishimori of RICCI EVERYDAY. This time, we will deliver the 22nd staff introduction.

From this June, I have been working at RICCI EVERYDAY as an internship student.

I am currently a third -year college student, and the seminar deals with Uganda. The same Uganda as RICCI EVERYDAY 🇺🇬

The research theme is activities to improve the independence and life of farmers in the Achori region in northern Uganda.

It is my introduction column.

Please enjoy it ...!

-About the work you are currently involved in-

I am currently living online because I am currently living in Kansai.

It is mainly related to the operation of SNS (Instagram, Facebook) and the operation of columns.

When I share my memories and feelings, I personally sent it on SNS.

However, this is the first time that SNS is operated as a business, and it is often unfamiliar. Even so, while having the staff support me, I am working hard to send SNS with the hope that the charm of RICCI EVERYDAY will be conveyed.

↑ My first post (2023/6/16)

The trigger of knowing -RICCI EVERYDAY-

In a lecture on a university seminar, I learned about RICCI EVERYDAY because our representative, Chiizu Nakamoto, was talking as a guest speaker, and a seminar professor used a RICCI EVERYDAY bag.

-Modified to decide to work-

RICCI EVERYDAY is a product using vivid African cards, hiring Uganda women, providing an environment where women can easily work, and making environmentally friendly products. I just wanted to be involved.

Originally, I was interested in employment issues in developing countries, apparel issues such as fast fashion, and gender disparities. When I had such thoughts, I talked about RICCI EVERYDAY, and I wanted to work in such a place, solving social problems and touching a wonderful product using African plints. 。

-RICCI EVERYDAY's favorite items-

My recommended product isA dressis💕

RICCI EVERYDAY has a lot of dresses and get lost!

I myself often wear dresses because it's easy and cute in summer.

Among them, when I saw this A dress, there was a silhouette shape and a ribbon belt attached to the waist, so I felt very attractive.

In the hot season, this dress may be able to express the summer character.✨

Recommended not only for everyday life, but also for special events and traveling and going out.

If you are interested,online storePlease check it out!

- Recent happenings -

⚫I went to Amami Oshima!

(Not recently ...)

In April, I went to Amami Oshima with my friends for two days and two nights.


The first Amami Oshima was rich in nature, the sea was very beautiful, and I was able to refresh! !

The turtle was also cute!

It was cold on the last morning of the last day, but I was able to swim in the sea!

I had a lot of healing time.

I was captivated by Amami Oshima (laughs)

If you have a chance, please go to Amami Oshima.

-Message to customers-

Until the end Thank you for reading!

I would like to do my best so that we can deliver products with various kinds of staff of RICCI EVERYDAY, and to propose products that can find our own "like".

When you come to Kagurazaka, please drop in the showroom. We look forward to your visit.

Look at the product