Finally published! "In Africa, the bag company has started.

Hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY.

2023 in the second half of the year! Half of the year is over in no time and I can't be surprised (laughs)

On Friday, June 30, 2023, just before the second half of the year, at a bookstore nationwide"In Africa, the bag company has started.Was released! (Crackling)

I guess some people have read it ...!

Currently, to commemorate the publishing on SNS, we are looking for impressions of books with a hashtag called “#Ahu Chizumoto”.

If you read it, I would be glad if you could post your impressions on SNS along with the hashtag.♪

This time, I would like to introduce the contents of the book.

table of contents

1. Book outline

2. Table of contents of the book

3. Points of book attention

Four. last

1. Book outline

"In Africa, the bag company has started.The outline is that our representative, Chitsu Nakamoto, launched RICCI EVERYDAY and work on the business.

Many media have many opportunities to talk about such content, but this book is not only this.

  • About Nakamoto's childhood
  • How did you face the walls you've been facing so far
  • Significance and meaning of pursuing dreams
  • Future prospects

The feature is that many things are drawn.

There are a lot of things that can be talked about because there is a mountain with a mountain, a valley, and a Nakamoto who has lived in a laugh.

Maybe you have something in common with your life.

2. Table of contents of the book

The table of contents of the book is as follows.

The naming of the table of contents is characteristic, and even if you look at the table of contents alone, you can see that the contents are substantial ...!

Chapter 1 Social entrepreneurs, Nakamoto Chizu

Chapter 2 "I work in the United Nations!"

Chapter 3 from Bank to African Support NGO

Chapter 4 entrepreneurship

Chapter 5 Oma -chan Department Store Diving Operating Case

Chapter 6 When the rough is turned into a gem

Chapter 7 Sinful fashion industry

Chapter 8 For Uganda and for Japan

Chapter 9 Life that could not be saved

Chapter 10 Dreaming power

Chapter 11 Bags to create peace

There are plenty of self -introductions of Chitsu Nakamoto, the memories and experiences of childhood, the change to NGOs from the time of the bank clerk, the way to the RICCI EVERYDAY entrepreneurship, and noticed through business efforts and efforts.

3. Points of book attention

  • The binding and illustrations are cute

On the cover is the Akero Bag series, an icon of Chitsu Nakamoto and RICCI EVERYDAY.

Both are drawn while capturing the characteristics.

Actually, the picture of the spine is also cute.

The back of Nakamoto sitting at the desk in the Uganda Kobo's room in the room of the Uganda Kobo, and the Uganda studio dog, Hime, is drawn.

The illustrations are also cute, so please see.

It seems to express the life of Nakamoto who has lived so far.

Hime is also drawn with him!

  • A book that may be a hint for life

As I mentioned earlier, this book is condensed in one book of Nakamoto's life, which has lived in a mountain, valley, and laughter.

"Living" is exactly this.

"How to live in the future ..."

"What is your dream?"

If you think that you are thinking, I think it will be a hint.

(It is also said that "the answer to the worries is written in the book.").

Four. last

What did you think?

"In Africa, the bag company has started.If you have any new discoveries, please let me know in "#Ahu Chizu book".

May you be close to your dreams and the hope of "I want to be like this."

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