Staff introduction vol.21

Hello, RICCI EVERYDAY ofThis is Ohama. This time, we will deliver the 21st staff introduction.

I am currently in the first year of graduate school, international development, SDGsAbout involvement with gender, fair trade, etc.I am learning. Since June, I have been working at RICCI EVERYDAY as an internship student.

It is my introduction column. Please enjoy it ...!

-About the work you are currently involved in-

I am currently living online because I am currently living in Kyoto Prefecture.

We mainly operate SNS (Instagram, Facebook), but we are also involved in the operation of online stores. In the past, NPOs, which had been working as an intern, also operate SNS, and I like to keep my daily photos and feelings in my daily personal accounts, so I have fun. not yet,I can't go to the RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom, but I would like to see wonderful products so that I can send information more!

↪︎ Post created for the first time

The trigger of knowing -RICCI EVERYDAY-

I learned from the fact that the representative of my graduate school spoke in class as a guest speaker, and that my instructor had a RICCI EVERYDAY bag and introduced me. I did it.

-Modified to decide to work-

As you know, RICCI EVERYDAY is also an activity to enhance self -affirmation through business by focusing on producers in Uganda, especially women. In my undergraduate school, I learned about Lanapraza accidents and fair trade, and I felt that human rights issues that focused on women, especially as environmental issues, were important, and it was a problem to solve. I am fascinated by the fact that women are creating an environment where women can shine through business, so I want to work here! I decided to work. I was involved in the operation of SNS, and I thought it would be good to be able to learn about marketing in the sense that I could expand my future perspective.

-RICCI EVERYDAY's favorite items-

My favorite item is "Denim peach"is.

The combination of denim and African plint is wonderful! In addition, since the outer pattern and the inside pattern are different, you can enjoy the combination.

Denim peach is characterized by a small cash register bag. Even if you hold it as it is, it is fashionable and cute, but if you have one handle through the other, it will be a more stylish form.

Although it is a small bag, in addition to the minimum necessary items such as wallets and pass cases, porches and paperback books are also included.

If you are working, can you use it as a bag to bring for lunch?

Also, I think that many people are planning to go out for summer vacation. Speaking of summer, I imagine fireworks and festivals. I personally want to go out in a yukata this year! I think. Why don't you use denim peach that doesn't disturb the yukata pattern when you go out with your family, friends and loved ones?

If you are interested,online storePlease check it out!

- Recent happenings -

⚫︎ I returned to my parents' house!

While returning home, I went to my favorite Dong Bang Shin Ki live. I was able to enjoy it because it was close to the stage at the stand seat. On another day, I celebrated my friend's birthday. I was pleased because I ordered a birthday plate with a surprise? I was nervous, but I was very happy and I was happy!

-Message to customers-

Until the end Thank you for reading! In my current task, there is no direct relationship with the customer, but through SNS operation like a birthday surprise, I arrived at the surprise and hand, such as "There was such a beautiful pattern product." I would like to do my best to be able to send out the content that will be pleased, "Wow, it's wonderful.

When you come to Kagurazaka, please drop in the showroom. We look forward to your visit.

Look at the product