Staff introduction Vol.20

Hello, RICCI EVERYDAY ofThis is Akashi.

This time, we will deliver the 20th staff introduction.

I am currently working at a financial institution in the 16th year of working.In part of the company's educational program, I decided to work in RICCI EVERYDAY as an internship this June.

It is my introduction column. Please enjoy it ...!

-About the work you are currently involved in-

I am mainly in charge of the management of online stores, the quality control of items delivered to you, and overseas expansion.

The office I usually worked for was inorganic, such as white fluorescent lamps and gray desks, but the moment I stepped into the showroom, my eyes and heart were nailed to colorful African prints. It's completely different from seeing on SNS images, and I remember being very impressed by the powerful African design.


-Modified to decide to work-

In a nutshell, I sympathized with the representative philosophy. "I have no prejudice, I noticed my potential, and I have my will and pride." Also, I know that Uganda's single mother and former Children are actively hiring soldiers, and I want to help Uganda's women's lives! I applied for that.

-RICCI EVERYDAY's favorite items-

My favorite item is "Naroho Bag"! African plinting may be too flashy to bring it to the company ... This bag is a leather material and looks cool and cool, and if you look at the lining, it is a gem that you can meet the vividness of African prints properly. moreover,My PC is wide because it has a numeric keypad, but it is useful because it is large enough.It is also recommended for those who have a lot of luggage, such as a water bottle, a pouch, a wallet.


After all, the round cowhorn in the middle is accented and very fashionable.


There are blacks and blacks, so it is an item that both women and men can enjoy.

Of course, recommended for gifts!

online storePlease check it out♪

- Recent happenings -

  • I went to Small World!

I like to go to an art museum or museum and fill my heart, then eat a delicious lunch and go home, but the other day I went to Small World for the first time.

I never knew that such a cute miniature museum was made in Ariake in Tokyo.

You may have already been there, but it was a very nice space so I would share the atmosphere.

I feel that the art can be improved just by looking at it, and the healing effect can be obtained.

What kind of holiday do you usually spend?


-Message to customers-

Until the end Thank you for reading! When you come to Kagurazaka, please drop in the showroom. We are planning an event on holidays, so we are waiting for your family with your lover.

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