A new collection that challenged the “GIFT from Trash” apparel industry has appeared!

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

You finally entered September. It is around this time that autumn and winter items are thinking about what to buy this year.

This time, we will introduce the new collection "GIFT from Trash" released today on September 2 (Fri) and the items in detail.

“Gift from Trash”teeth,RICCI EVERYDAY is a collection that focuses on more specific social issues.

The high design and social good collection is a must -see for RICCI EVERYDAY fans!

1. What is the “Gift from Trash” collection?

2.1st Product: Goodwill Bag

3.2nd Product: Hope bag

Four. in conclusion

1. What is the “Gift from Trash” collection?

This collection is a new collection that uses a fabric jeans from the production process and old clothes jeans flowing from developed countries to deliver items made up cycle.

Mass production and mass consumption, which has become a problem in the apparel industry in recent years. In Japan, 3 billions of clothing that are 3 billion points per year are sold in the fashion market every year, but only about 1.5 billion points are actually consumed, and the rest are discarded or sold cheaply to developing countries. To go.

In some cases, the donation of used clothes to the refugee camp has flowed into developing countries, including Africa. Of course, although most of them are distributed to refugees, old clothes that could not be handled flowed to the market of the recipient, and are sold for about 10 yen per place for local people.

It is said that the representative Nakamoto visited a Sunday Market (old -fashioned market) that he visited during his stay in Uganda, so he felt that Japan was not another person. Unexpectedly, he asked himself that he might be imposing what he needed to the African countries, and that he was treating it like a trash can the world.

It is certain that local people can get clothes cheaply by surplus clothing and used clothes from developed countries, but on the other hand, engaged in the local textile industry, sewing, and fashion industry. There is also the reality that he has taken the work with the people.

With the desire for many people to know that some kind of "good intentions" such as "effective use of surplus products" or "donations" are actually squeezing the life of someone in the world. ,The “Gift from Trash” collection has been born.

We have dismantled used clothes denim once and designed various parts to give new value that is not the same as one. We hope that customers can feel this product, including the story on the back.

From the cycle of mass production and mass consumption so far, the “Gift from Trash” collectionI'm glad if you buy only what you really need and turn into a long -lasting slow fashion.

2.1st Product: Goodwill Bag

“Gift from Trash”The first collection is "Goodwill Bag" released today on September 2 (Fri)!

A tote bag made using a used clothing market and a fabric hagilly from the production process in the Uganda Kobo.

"Goodwill" means "good intentions". Uganda's old -fashioned clothing market was up -cycle of denim gathered as "good intentions" and "donations" from around the world. Is that good intention really for someone? Are you not squeezing someone's life? Such feelings are included in this bag.

Goodwill bag / ¥ 13,200 (tax included)

The frills on the side are made of colorful hagilly, and the combination of each pattern and color is different. Please look for your favorite color!

The size isWidth 50cm x height 27cm x gusset 25cm.

The frilling part is aperture, so that the width of the gusset can be adjusted.

Fortunately (every time), there are four pockets inside. Because it is on both sides, there is a pocket no matter which one on the table ...! It's a thankful point.

With a volumey appearance, it will definitely show a presence that is comparable to fall and winter fashion items.

3.2nd Product: Hope bag

And the second one is "Hope Bag" scheduled to be released on September 23 (Fri).

A handbag made using Berkross and beef horns (cowhorn), a special product of Uganda, using the ricci Everydayday Uganda Kobo production process.

Announced last yearNAWOLOVUWith a design of the same shape as the "Eva Bag" in the collection, I named it "Hope Bag" with the desire to find hope in the up cycle.

Hope bag / ¥ 19,800 (tax included)

Hope bags, like Goodwill Bags, are "only one bag in the world", with a different combination of hagirire patterns and colors.

The cowhorn, bark cross on the lid, and the handle of the chain are irresistible (the chain will be changed from gold to antique gold).

Of course, it has an inner pocket.

As long as the "up -cycle" is limited, the design is limited, but the design is so high that it does not feel it at all, and that point is exactly the "HOPE" of the future fashion industry.

Four. in conclusion

“Gift from Trash”How was the introduction of the collection "Goodwill Bag" and "Hope Bag"?

The design that overlaps the hagire has somehow a quilt -like atmosphere and feels warm. Isn't it perfect for the cool season?

"Goodwill Bag" will be released today on September 2 (Fri), and "Hope Bag" will be released on September 23 (Fri).

RICCI EVERYDAY has focused on mass production and mass consumption in the apparel industry“Gift from Trash”Please check the collection!

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