To use your favorite items for a long time-Bark cloth care method-

hello. I'm Sasaki, a RICCI EVERYDAY staff. In September, it gradually became cooler. It is exciting to think that autumn will come soon, as autumn items will begin to increase in the city.


By the way, this time, I will introduce how to clean the recommended bark cross items, especially from autumn to winter.


1. What is Berk Cross?

2. How to clean

3. Introduction of items using Berk Cross

4. Finally

1. What is Berk Cross?

Berk Cross is a material that taps the wooden skin from the Mutuba tree and stretches it like a cloth.

After peeling the wooden skin, if you do it properly, a sturdy skin will be played on the surface of the tree about a year later. This is why Uganda has been made for nearly 1000 years. It is also called "the oldest fabric of mankind", and is also registered as a World Intangible heritage, based on the work and craftsmanship technology that has been cultivated for many years.


* The state until the bark cross is createdThis columnPlease refer to it as it is introduced in.


The natural color of this Berk Cross and the rough texture feel like a leather suede, so I feel the possibility that it can be an alternative to leather.

2. How to clean

Berk cross using such natural materials. Because it is a material that is not familiar, you are worried about how to care.


① Before starting to use

We recommend that you spray cloth for cloth before using the product. You can also prevent dirt on the surface.


② If you start using it

If you have a little dirt, brush it with the same brush for leather products. Please note that rubbing strongly will hurt the surface. Also, add shea butter and leather cream on a dedicated cloth and apply lightly to get a gloss.


If you keep using it, it will gradually become softer, so it is recommended that you put anko inside to keep the bag shape when storing. Also, in a place that does not hit the sun as much as possible.


③ Precautions for handling

Please refrain from using it on rainy days for natural materials. Also, if it gets wet,In a well -ventilated place that does not hit the sunPlease dry it.

  1. Introduction of items using Berklos

Currently, the online store has just been released in AugustBarkcloth ToteAnd it is a popular keychain seriesBerk Cross KeychainIs introduced.


Berk Closto is a bag that uses a bark cross on the entire surface, so you can enjoy it regardless of the scene because it has a simple design. In addition, it is also recommended as a commuting / commuting bag because it has a size A4 size.

There are two types of Berk Cross Keychain: shobirokou and chimpanzee. Easy to feel the material of Berk Cross,My recommended itemis! 。 You can enjoy not only the difference in the pattern of African plinting, but also handmade one by one!

In the future, Eva bags and pouches that appeared last year will be available, so please look forward to it!


4. Finally

How was it? In the Kagurazaka Showroom, you can see the items of Berkross directly, so please try the texture and feeling.


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