The leather season has arrived! Introducing a new product balloon bag

Hello, this is Nakajima of RICCI EVERYDAY. In September, you can feel a little autumn. Born in autumn, I love autumn food so I want to enjoy this year. RICCI EVERYDAY will also release leather products that can feel the coming of autumn.

In this column, we will introduce the balloon bag released on September 9th today.

1. What is a balloon bag?

2. Size and capacity

3. At the end

I would be happy if you could read it to the end.

1. What is a balloon bag?

A line that makes use of sustainable materials and Uganda craftsmanshipNAWOLOVU(Naulov) has a leather balloon bag. The balloon bag is characterized by a compact and round drawstring type.

The outside is leather and the inside is applied to African plastic. The vivid African plastic pattern on the inside will energize your heart every time you open the bag.

The handle of the round circle is made of cowhorn (cow horn) and adds an accent to the bag.

In addition, there are two ways to hold! Not only can you use the cowhorn part as a handbag, but you can also use it as a shoulder bag over your shoulder by attaching the attached strap.

If you put it on your shoulder, you can see the circle of the cowhorn.

This strap can be removed and adjusted.

Depending on whether you hold it as a handbag or a shoulder bag, the atmosphere changes.

There is no zipper, but if you pull the string like a drawstring, the entrance will be narrow. If you can't see the contents, it's safe.

In addition, there is one zipper pocket inside, so you can do something important.

Uganda learns about the spirit of "using things full of things", and the leather and handle cowhorn use the cow skin and angle of meat as a side product of meat.

2. Size and capacity

Handkerchiefs, wallets, and pouches are about two. Perfect for everyday outing. Because the bottom is solid, it supports the luggage perfectly.

3. Pattern

There are five African plants inside the balloon bag that will arrive this time. I will introduce everything.

I Blue Orange White & White Blue Orange

High -life beige

Ice Age Blue & Orange

Swallow / green & yellow

Big Eye Orange & Brown

4. At the end

How was it? I would be glad if it would be a balloon bag that fits casual and dressy coordinates, and a bag that colors your daily life.

I want to know the actual appearance! Or I want to bring it! Please come to RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom.

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