What are you doing in Uganda Kobo? Explain the staff's day & workshop! 2nd in Uganda stay

Hello, this is Tanigawa of RICCI EVERYDAY. I wonder if you can feel the signs of autumn in the middle of September, and the hot days are still going on.💦

Every day I want the sunshine to be a comfortable season.

By the way, this time we will deliver the second record in Uganda. (It's already been a month since I returned to Japan ...)

The content to be delivered is about Uganda Kobo. Please enjoy it to the end.

1. About Uganda Kobo

2. One day of workshop

3. Each workplace introduction

4. in conclusion

1. About Uganda Kobo

RICCI EVERYDAY Uganda Kobo is located in the capital city of Campara and is located in the "Kitintale" (Chitintare) about 20 minutes by car from the center.

In Uganda, "K" seems to read "T".

So, as an aside, Uganda's "Tokyo" can be heard as "Tokuto". It was very confusing when I heard it for the first time (laughs)

The workshop is surrounded by high fences and is not easy to enter. I was surprised on a fairly large site.

A stylish green big gate!

When you enter, you can see a large garden and a one -story workshop. The appearance of the workshop is Western style.

Thanks to this large garden, you can wash and dry a large amount of cloth at once.

2. One day of workshop

The workshop starts at 8:00 in the morning. Everyone went to work in a colorful and stylish look and changed into work clothes in the studio.

First of all, the day begins.

Almost everyone is around 9 o'clock, each of which will do their own work.

At around 10:30, we will take a break for about 30 minutes. Take a break with more sugar tea + snacks.

The red one on the left is peanut. It's a little different from what you see in Japan.

I was taking a break while chatting in the garden.

When the break is over, I will continue to work until lunch at 13:00.

Lunch is made on a duty based on the menu table. The staple food, soup and vegetables are served on one plate.

Lunch time is one hour, but many staff members finish their meals in about 30 minutes and take a nap.

At 14:00, we will continue to work in the morning. As the closing time approaches 17:00, clean and finish the day.

3. Each workplace introduction

The workshop is mainly divided into four working spaces. I will introduce each.

The first is the room of leather and beads.

Leather and paper beads staff sits on the bench and floor to work.

Next is the sewing machine room.

Here, about six staff members handle the sewing machine. Music and radio are always flowing and very lively. Some staff are singing.

This is a room where ironing and product checks are checked. Finally, I check whether there is no lint or fraying.

The room that is cut at the back of the workshop is cut. The type of each product will be cut together.

4. in conclusion

Thank you for reading until the end!

We hope that your image is a little concrete about how the product is made in Uganda.

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