Add African plastic to the autumn outfit. How to make big colors

Hello, this is Tanigawa of RICCI EVERYDAY.

What are you going to do with the fall soon?

I am thinking of making long -sleeved clothes this fall.

By the way, this time, I will introduce how to make big colors using African prints.

The process was as simple as possible, so why not make it?

1. material

2. Paper creation & cutting

3. Way of making

4. in conclusion

1. material

・ Cloth 42cm x 95cm

・ Thread that matches the color of the cloth

This is the only material!

It is convenient to have a loop return, a sewing machine, and an iron.

2. Paper creation & cutting

・ Collar x 2

The pink part is a pattern (including a seam allowance)

The number is CM

The drawing of the circle is convenient if you have a compass.

・ Ribbon x 2

Let's cut if you can make a pattern!

3. Way of making

① The collar is placed in the table and sewn with a sewing allowance of 1cm.

Let's set a part that does not sew about 15cm for the return mouth. This time, I made an mouth on the back collar.

② After sewing, cut off the corner so that it does not cling to it when it is returned to the table.

In the curve part (the circle), put a few cuts.

③ Return to the table and iron with the corner.

④ Sew the side of the return mouth at about 0.5cm from the end.

。 Sew 0.5cm from the folds to the middle table so that the ribbon is 1.5 x 42.

⑥ Return to the table and fold both ends of the ribbon into three folds, 0.5cm, and sew. The other is the same. If you proceed while ironing, it will be beautifully finished.

⑦ Sew the ribbon to your favorite position and you're done!

4. in conclusion

Thank you for reading to the end! If you feel a little easier, please make it.

It will surely be one point of autumn outfit.

If you want to make it with African plintmaterialPlease check it out♪

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