[Report] 2022 A new autumn / winter show was held♪

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It's getting cooler in the morning and evening. Is it like that autumn has finally looked into her face?

By the way, this time, it was held at Kagurazaka Showroom on September 17 (Sat).I will tell you about the "2022 Fall / Winter New Product Products".

From those that have already arrived at the online store to those that are not available, we will introduce the new work this season directly from the representative, Nakamoto Chitsu, and if you wish, you can also make a purchase reservation for unacceptable products. There was also a nice souvenir on the way home!

In addition, the participants could hear opinions and requests about future products.

1. New introduction

2. Try -on time

3. Souvenir

Four. in conclusion

1. New introduction

First of all, the representative, Nakamoto introduces the new work this season.

① “Gift from Trash” collection

"Goodwill Bag", which was released on September 2, was sold out on the same day, so I could not introduce the real thing ...

The "Hope Bag" scheduled to be released at the end of this month will be introduced in detail using a sample. This product was very popular with the participants!

In fact, it was planned to be able to sell not only samples but to actually sell products that are actually arrived, but the product did not reach as scheduled ... I made a purchase reservation instead of pre -sale.

② Leather bag, different material Akero

Introducing the leather bag "Balloon Bag" released on September 9, the Akero bag of Berkross, which will be released in the future, and the leather and cowhorn Akero bag.

Akero Berkross was a sample, and Leather Akero was introduced in the photo.

The customer was curious because of the new Akero, which has a very different impression from the previous Achero bag!

③ Colorful knit cardigan

A knit appears from RICCI EVERYDAY!

This time, you saw a two -pattern sample.

This knit is a hand -knitting of Uganda craftsmen. What a craftsman is Uganda's famous influencer ...!

The colorful knit of the crochet was very large.

2. Try -on time

In the try -on time, we tried the new items that I was worried about according to the mirror.

Here, it was a great excitement with the customers "RICCI Talk".♪

There were ways to exchange opinions about your favorite items, items you are aiming for, and your favorite African plastic pattern.

In addition, we received a lot of opinions on products, such as items that we want to make in the future and the hope of color variations of colorful knit cardigan!

I think that you could enjoy a lot of conversations with Nakamoto because you can ask questions directly to representatives and Nakamoto and convey requests.♪

3. Souvenir

On the way back, we handed out souvenirs.

The souvenir is a paper bead necklace!

While trying on it on, we chose a wow.♪

Four. in conclusion

The Kagurazaka Showroom holds an event every month.

Next month's event is also planned, so please look forward to it until the details are released ...♪

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