Pen friend circle -Christmas messages will be given ~

hello. I'm Ishii from RICCI EVERYDAY.

In October, it became autumn -like at once.

I like winter, "I wonder if winter will come yet."

Winter is Christmas.

I like the Christmas season the most in the year. The city is sparkling and it's kind of exciting.♪

Therefore, I would like to introduce a pen friend circle plan for Christmas.

1. What is a pen fled circle planning ~ Christmas message?

2. How to participate

3. At the end

1. What is a pen fled circle planning ~ Christmas message?

This is a plan for a customer and a Ugunda staff of RICCI EVERYDAY to give a message.

Let's give a word gift with a feeling like a Christmas present.

RICCI EVERYDAY's products and Uganda women can give us happy messages and products on their products.

And I'm glad if you can find the product more attractive by knowing who is making the products you have.

"Exchanging thoughts with each other sometimes helps and support."

This project has been held to convey messages from customers and make a reply message from the Uganda Kobo staff, so that RICCI EVERYDAY will play the role of a bridge between Uganda and Japan.

Representative Nakamoto is about this projectThis columnPlease take a look at it in detail.

2. How to participate

A round -trip postcard will be enclosed in the order at the online store on October 7 (Fri) to October 23 (Sun).

In addition, we will hand it to customers who purchase products at RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom.

If you send it to the showroom with a must arrive on October 31 (Mon), you will receive a message from Uganda according to Christmas.

Write your address on the left side of the green design side and the message on the right (from Japan).

There is no need to write on the red FROM UGANDA design.

Customers who send a postcard to the showroom by October 31 (Mon) will receive a handwritten message from the Uganda studio staff at Christmas.

The message can be filled out in your favorite language, such as Japanese, English, and swawing.

For customers who wish, we will also deliver a message from Uganda staff in Japanese.

3. At the end

Would you like to give a Christmas message to Uganda?

We look forward to your participation.♪

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