"New Life Support Campaign" that turns "Sowasowa" into "excitement"

Hi everyone, long time no see! I'm Hashimoto of RICCIEVERYDAY. How are you?

It's already October in no time. 2022 is over in less than three months. It's fast ...

Speaking of October, many people, especially working people, have been in a new workplace or environment. I also became involved in new tasks in RICCI EVERYDAY, and I am a little sowa (laughs).

This time, RICCI EVERYDAY has planned a "New Life Support Campaign" with the desire to "support those who have reached a new start from October!" (Pachu Pachi Pachi!)

Isn't the African printing excitement of a life that tends to be so sowa?

Now, let's introduce the "New Life Support Campaign".

table of contents

1. "New Life Support Campaign" Overview

2. Introducing "exciting" target products♪

3. How to purchase

Four. lastly

1. "New Life Support Campaign" Overview

As I mentioned above, it is a campaign to support those who have a new life and environment.

If you purchase the target product, the checkout will be 5 % off.♪

The period is from October 7 (Fri) to October 16 (Sun)! Do not miss.

Of course, those who say, "We do not have a new life or environment ..." is of course OK! (smile)

Rather, every day is a new day, so in that sense everyone will have a new life (?)

The target products are as follows!

・ Naroho bag

・ Document case (new product!)

・ Kikoi Blanket

・ Multi case

・ Make -up pouch

・ Cosmetic pouch

・ I ・ Mask

If you purchase only one point from these target products, the checkout will be 5 % off.♪

2. Introducing "exciting" target products♪

By the way, I would like to introduce some of the target products that can turn such a new life as "Sowasowa" into "excitement".

① Naroho bag

This time, the very popular Naroho bag will be discounted.

Speaking of a new life, it's a new bag. I think the Naroho bag is a perfect item♪

A luxurious, classic bag with a luxurious cowhide, cowhorn, and African plints.

The point is still in the bag!

At first glance it looks like a simple bag, but if you open the inside, it will be an African plint.

"I want you to cherish your inner passion"

"My feelings and feelings are important"

This design contains such thoughts.

From the customers who purchased the Naroho bag

"I feel like I know the inner African plint, and I'm excited."

I have received a nice impression.

Please try a new gate with a Naroho bag.

② New product! Document case

With this campaign, a new "document case" has joined the product!

As the name implies, it is an item that can store documents and notebooks.

You can put documents that are easy to lose sight, and bulky notes.

It can be stored even with A4 size.

It is perfect for managing documents at home, or carrying only what you need during the internal movement or moving classroom.

Because it is made of vivid African plint, it is also a point that you can find it immediately in your house or bag (laughs)

If the items you usually carry and use are cute, you will feel better.♪This is also a hot item!

③ Kiki Blanket

As the word "heat and cold is also to the equinoctial week", I think it will gradually become cold.

If your body gets cold, your feelings will drop, so be sure to warm your body with Kikui Blanket.♡

I often ask questions, "What kind of touch is Kiki?"

The surface is soft, but soft, fluffy, and has excellent touch.

It's good to relax with coffee or tea while wearing a blanket with a knee ...!

Please love yourself.

④ Make -up pouch

Makeup time that is indispensable for morning preparation. But something tends to flutter!

"I can't clean the pouch while doing makeup!"

This makeup pouch is recommended for such people. New life is especially fluttering.

The drawstring -shaped porch is an excellent item that can be stored quickly by squeezing it with a squeezing string even if you put a makeup item in a mess.

It will not only put makeup items, but also work as a lunch bag!

It is also recommended for those who usually have lunch.

There is a pocket and zipper pocket inside, so please use it according to your belongings.♪

3. How to purchase

First of all, this campaign can be purchased at the online store, the RICCI EVERYDAY official application, and the RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom.

From now on, we will tell you how to purchase on the online store and the RICCI EVERYDAY official app.

〇 How to purchase on the online store / RICCI EVERYDAY official app

The purchase method is very easy!This pageIf you select the target product and put it in the basket, the purchase price will be 5 % off.

RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL You can purchase it directly at the Kagurazaka Showroom, so please make a reservation for the showroom and see it directly.

Four. lastly

How was the "New Life Support Campaign"?

Being in a new environment is that everyone is nervous. I would be glad if I could support such nervousness as much as possible and change the tension into an exciting feeling.♡

Look at the product