Brand's first! The virtual store "RICCI EVERYDAY THE VIRTUAL HILL" is open!

Hello, this is Tanigawa from RICCI EVERYDAY. Recently, the temperature difference between day and morning and evening is large and it is difficult to decide on what to wear ... I hope we all stay healthy without catching a cold.

In this blog, our first virtual store RICCI EVERYDAY THE VIRTUAL HILL, which opened on Septermber 3rd will be introduced.


2. What you can do with "RICCI EVERYDAY THE VIRTUAL HILL"

3. Conclusion


Two and a half years have passed since the start of the pandemic and our shopping style has changed significantly, and it can be said that many of us enjoy shopping online more than we used to do. While shopping online  is convenient, the opportunity to touch the brand's world and philosophy may be limited and can sometimes be unsatisfactory.

Therefore, RICCI EVERYDAY has opened a virtual store to express the brand's ambiance online, and directs the excitement that everyone feels when shopping at real stores.

Please enjoy "RICCI EVERYDAY THE VIRTUAL HILL", which is full of realism, no matter if you can come to the Kagurazaka Showroom or not.

2. What you can do with "RICCI EVERYDAY THE VIRTUAL HILL"

Below are three things that can be done in the virtual store!

(1) You can display 360 -degree images so you can feel like you are actually in the showroom!

You can see white circles in various parts of the store. If you click the cursor there, you can move the standing position, and you can see another 360 degrees from different angle.

② Click on the product you want to have a closer look at, and the product details screen will be displayed and the online store will be linked smoothly!

When the cursor is combined with the light blue circle on each product, the above -mentioned product details page will appear. You can see the full text of the product description from "Further Display".

If you are interested in a product, please follow the link "Check the online store!" and look for other colour patterns.

③ Access a video that introduces the directly managed factory in Uganda, the concept of the brand, and things going on behind production!

If you add the cursor to the light blue circle displayed in the photo or the picture on the PC or wall, you can watch the image video of the RICCI EVERYDAY published on YouTube and the atmosphere of the factory.

The virtual store plans to provide services that will make you feel like traveling Uganda by linking with 360 -degree images taken in Uganda's wilderness and local market.

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3. in conclusion

Brand's first virtual store "RICCI EVERYDAY THE VIRTUAL HILLHow was it? The virtual store supports both PCs and mobile.

In addition to online stores, RICCI EVERYDAY official apps (App store/Google Play) You can also visit the virtual store.

By all means, please enjoy shopping while enjoying the world view of RICCI EVERYDAY at the virtual store.


We will revise the price of some products from orders made after 12:00 on 10/17 (Monday). We will have a burden on everyone, and we feel very painful.

I hope you can check the products you are interested in as soon as possible. The target product isHerefrom.