You can do it in 15 minutes! How to make a simple hair turning

Hello, this is Tanigawa of RICCI EVERYDAY. Recently, days when the weather is not good continues, and I am often at home. How are you doing?

This time, we introduce handmade miscellaneous goods that are perfect for such home time.

I will introduce a hair turning. You can make it in just 15 minutes, only 4 times! Please make it by all means.

1. Easy hair turning ingredients

2. Way of making

3. in conclusion

1. Easy hair turning ingredients

・ One hair rubber

・ 2 55cm x 15cm cloth

This is the only material! You don't have to have a sewing machine.

2. Way of making

① CloseSo that the back is a frontFold it in half and sew 1 cm from the end.

(2) Once the two edges can be sewn, return them to the table and iron them so that the sewn parts come to the center.

③ Put the two on the cross. At this time, let's make the seam facing each other.

④ Make the cloth ends up, down, left and right and fold it as a ring.

⑤ Fold the end into three and fold it in about 1.5cm through the hair rubber. Then, sew 1cm from the end.

The other side is also sewn and completed!

3. in conclusion

This time, we used a round rubber instead of a flat rubber, so it is a specification that can be relaxed and detached.

It's easy, so I want to make many and add to the fall and winter coordination.♪

If you want to make it with African plastic fabricHerePlease check it out!

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